Ande Ka fundaaaaa

In Liba-life on September 5, 2008 at 3:11 pm

   Why is Sectional Marking scheme applied in so many of MBA colleges? At the beginning i didn’t understand this. But as the mid term appraoches and mid term marks and hell lot of other marks, which myself dont know when did I write all these papers, come it is becoming seemingly clear. It’s all to f@#$ the guys. At the end we come to know the for pass u want atleast 75% marks. How the hell do u think a person who managed only 40% in all these internal tests can manage to get this barrier crossed. A guy who managed to get 44% in in the internal comes running to me and puzzles me with all these calculations… He sighs … wow i need only 22 to pass . But he ran out of wind when he realized that it was out of 30 and when making it to 100 he needs 73.3 marks to passs….  man!!  this is too much…. 

Even I think what am to do now… i dont feel like reading any of these subjects particularly which hit almost everybody( save for some really brilliant guys). And then I sit hereto vent out my frustration…

  1. dedicated to all those who go thru similar situations…

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