Aaall iz Welllll !

In Blog, BobLife, Crazy on December 31, 2010 at 7:50 am

Phew… the day started with me getting up late. Blogging has some side effects too. I am much of a nocturnal, when it come to writing any piece how so ever good or bad it may be. Consequently I look tiresome. On top of that, a monotonous job which might induce sleep in any energetic chap. Courtesy, quarterly reviews  due this month end.

Any way, it’s evening other collegues had allready gone. Me planning to exit as soon i complete my work. My manager comes  ” You need to report to this office wef tommorow”. wth! I had plans with my brother who was to arrive here. I asked sir for how many days , soon came the reply ” no idea!”... sir ji what you doing “get an idea” I thought. I could realise, my heart beat increasing . It’s not that i dont love travelling, but the language factor steals the shine from the fun part.  ” Aaal iz well.. aal iz well… i console my heart… finally 3 idiot mantra helped poor heart to ease.

This brings me to the mantra” aaal iz wellll“. As protagigonist says in the movie” heart is very much like a child and  it fears most is change, an iota of change and it panics. You need to console it. You need to disguise the problem from him . It assures the poor chap that everything is alright, nothing to worry. so AAALLLL IZZZ WELLL 🙂

  1. yup all is well does works sometimes:)

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