How To Become a Blogging Hero

In Blog, Writing on January 2, 2011 at 7:13 pm

For newbies bloggers, like me, anything related to blogging and creative writing is boon.

Blogging Heroes

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Yesterday, while browsing I came across “Marya Writes” from wordpress featured posts, “What I learnt from blogging heroes – Part 1 & 2″.  She has taken pains to carefully go through “blogging heroes” and has summarized in brief. It’s a definite  guide to learn:

1. How to get introduced to the world of blogging?

2. How to Increase traffic on your blog?

3. What is the importance of comment (both noun & verb)?

4.  What is expected of readers, when you visit other blog posts?

5. What should be blog focus?

6. Should it be generalized or create niche in the world of blogs?

and lot others.

She in the process picks up some important points and quoted other sites, where one can get more relevant and detail information.

Must read for all…

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