Do you prefer to talk or text?

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No doubt communication technology has taken a giant leap with Mobile phones being ubiquitous accessories. The reach mobile phones has today is mind-blowing. Particularly in India, mobile phones and mobile service providers has achieved a milestone which BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, An Indian Govt telecom service Provider) could not achieve in these two decades. Sam Pitroda an aide to Erstwhile Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi, is supposedly the pioneer of Telecom revolution in India. He had a vision with which he started and now many other service providers (like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Tata Indicom, Reliance,Idea …list is endless) have  shared the vision and have taken it further. Now BSNL monopoly in this arena  no longer exists. (the details I’ll take up in next post)

Apart from this, What has actually served Indian populace is the ease of use and the increased reach of an individual in this vast country. One can be reached anywhere-anytime either with text or talk. It connects two people like umbilical cord.





I am a strong believer of face to face conversation. That gives a wholesome idea of the person you are talking to. The  voice, the tone of talking, words one use, body gestures – that gives you an average idea of “How the person on the other side might be?”. Body gesture, specially in context with face to face conversation, surely not on phone 🙂 unless you are on a Video call supported by 3G. (In case of 3G technology, BSNL has taken lead. Soon other companies are going to launch 3G services.) The emotions enthrall you and you feel connected like an umbilical cord connects two person.


Having said much in favour of TALK,  leaves me with no choice to put Texting in good light. But, whatever happened yesterday,definitely added few points to TEXT.


As usual I was busy (for god sake… busy for nothing, Manager is frowning at you – Voice* said … Quiet, I’m writing my post. We’ll discuss this Later, said I). I got a Text from my wife. It read “Breaking News: Purnea MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly, Bihar), R K Keshri succumbed to death following attack by a woman” I dismissed this outright and replied “Are you kidding me? Must be a rumour.” I had an urge to Google once and check if it is true (Voice: I prompted you to check.. huh.. had an urge.) It was there in the headlines, I called my dad to make sure. He was there in hospital with several others. He confirmed the news. later in night when me and my wife were having conversation on phone, She said ” I am faster than your fastest news Channels” 🙂 I said,Thanks to Texting.

Another incident, which is quiet famous in my college days.  There was a standard answer to “What must be Rajiv doing in class?” – “Sleeping and Texting at the same time, Listening to lecture when he would get Time” 😛


Test or Talk

What is Important with text is the Time and Situations. Wherever, Phone call is a social No-No, you can always sneak peek Texts on you mobile.

On a final note, Talk has a reach and reward of its kind but when it comes to stealth mode Texting has an edge



1. Mr Raj Kishore kesri succumbed to injuries, while he was being rushed to hospital. He was Sitting MLA from Purnea District, Bihar.

2. *Voice: Introduce Me…. Ya ok… Voice is a person inside me who believes himself to be an expert in Opinions ‘Regarding me’, takes pleasure in diverting my attention. 😛 Helps me in brain storming on myriad things. (Voice: hmmm.. not good not good… Me: Don’t have Time, will change later.)

3. Please give your views “Do you like to text or talk?“.


  1. I prefer face-to-face chatting. It gives each person the chance to observe the other’s body-language and the tone of voice: I’m sure wars could be caused by someone reading a text or e-mail and not realising where the inflections lie!
    Of course, Rajiv, I come from a generation when nobody could have envisaged the Internet revolution and even home-telephones were a rarity.
    Thanks for an entertaining blog.

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