How Google translated My Hindi Post? Funny :)

In Humor, Uncategorized on January 6, 2011 at 12:10 am

Funniest translation ever seen.The way google translated my Hindi post, seems some 5th standard kid has tried writing this  🙂 🙂

Big dilemma brother …
जनवरी 5, 2011 Rajivद्वारा | सम्पादन
Big dilemma brother … So finally write write? Let your opinion pay thought yesterday’s news | Well, all newspapers and TV channels to the general public if it has reached only |

Our area was killed yesterday MLA | case was personal revenge or politically motivated it would be unfair to say now | Pay a few months ago accused of raping woman MLA report was filed Poalise | However, just before the election to was reported by a Karnwash woman was taken back | yesterday morning when the general public, came to meet members get a chance to Bhoka stabbing the woman to the seriously injured Mr Kesri | Hospital move the time he died | Aveswaash frontage in the way people took the woman to take the law into their hands does not look right | woman is in hospital and is now in better Ssthythy | pay to recover its real purpose curtain will Afash |

For The Original Post see here: Hindi Post


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