A word a day#9

In Word-a-day on January 9, 2011 at 12:53 am

Starting today, I’m Planning a thread :”Word-a-Day” . Words I ,find while browsing, would like to share with you.

I shall divide them in following heads.

  • Meaning, supported with example
  • History and origin of Word
  • How does it sound like.

Here’s the first in series.



1. a) verb: to run away quickly ;

:to get out , to leave in a hurry [slang]

eg: You probably scan the first few sentences to determine if a post is of interest to you, and if it doesn’t immediately grab your attention, you skedaddle.

Ref Article: share the word

b) noun: a hasty flight

2. History of the word

3. How does it sound

  1. skedaddle-“I really like this word.” Odd as it is, we run away from our problems when we don’t want to face them. I like that example. Great job.

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