Want a blogging buddy? It will up your morale (via The Daily Post at WordPress.com)

In Blog on January 11, 2011 at 3:26 am

My Blog buddies:

Amruta’s blog: A Life Time of eternity

Manuel’s Blog

Knowledge seeker


Scott did put This post to ‘Tactics’ category.

This post was all about sharing and caring. You scratch my back I’ll yours. it was meant to be a system where two or more  people who share common attributes can share a common goal.

However, greed has no limits. As Gordon Gekko says it “Greed for the lack of a better word is good”. ” Greed is right, greed works” . Here it seems to be working too.

Image source: catherienemariedotwordpressdotcom

The good thing is that  now, we have a list of blogs with what it is all about, at a place. Like a directory. Surely It is a great strategic tool to keep you engaged.
I am working with Manu. He hails from Germany and writes in German. Thanks to Google translator, i can understand his posts quiet well.
We will check each others blog, comment and suggest improvement and further ideas.

lets hope this works. 🙂

Do you want a blogging buddy, Write to me.

Two WordPress.com bloggers, Ashkir at Stars In Silence, and Kate at Spastic Musings decided to team up to help each other out. They both signed up for Post A Week, with the goal of encouraging and checking in on each other: Me and Kate are going for the postaweek2011. 🙂 . We decided we’ll help motivate each other and we started up different blogs side/by/side. The buddy system works on the principle of social connections. If you have someone els … Read More

via The Daily Post at WordPress.com

  1. Very great, yes I will write, but later. Cause my sick children need always support.
    Best regards
    And thank you for remembering

  2. this is a nice system of mutual support. Good iniitiative by wordpress

  3. I am going to keep making comments to let you know that I love your blog.
    I also like the Buddy System for the postaday2011 I am in with you, through wordpress.com.
    My Blog buddies:

    Amruta’s blog: A Life Time of eternity

    Manuel’s Blog

    Knowledge seeker
    Thanks for the friendship 🙂

  4. […] and comment. Comments do drive traffic and help build rapport with other bloggers. Utilize “buddy-post” on The Daily post. And if you want to go for in-depth analysis use services of Pro-blogger. […]

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