Chrysalis – The change you wish to see

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Part 1

Chrysalis :The third of the four distinctive live stages of a butterfly. This is one of the most fascinating stages and one of the easiest to miss. This is the stage that turns the caterpillar into a butterfly

Nothing endures but change.
– Heraclitus

Why change ?

We feel so cozy in our comfort zone that rarely we wish to change. Think, what would have happened to us if our primitive fathers decided to stay as they were, living in stone cast houses, hunting, living like a nomad, no fire,no wheel  nothing. Life would have been so difficult. Since ages mankind has been making forays into new dimensions of life. We are constantly on a path, path to change, a path to find our destiny, a path to create happiness.

Where are we heading ?

Ask yourself a simple question Are we on the track? Where did we falter then? Shouldn’t the very basic premise of Change be checked, every time men were oblivious of the target?  Children follow the footsteps of their role model. What kind of role model are we creating?Parents, Educational Institutions  set the basic foundation of the Society. Every person must understand and constantly remind themselves of the their duty. Their responsibility is to sustain a better and happier future of  our themselves and the Gen-Next.

Role Models

Each individual has a mentor a role model to look up to. It need not be a person. It could be anything which inspires. Which ask you to see, think “what we are doing? Is it right to do? Who all will get benefited by this act?”

Most often Parents or a Teacher shall be ones role model.  One has to be a torch-bearer to thousands who look up to him.  Who is your role model? Are you creating a moral standard for your coming generation?

Changes come in small packages, accept it. – Anonymous

How do ‘You’ see the small changes in your life?

PS:  Part 2 COMING SOON. Stay Tuned !

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  1. hi rajiv…

    noticed yr comment on wordpress, yr blog seemed interesting.

    havent really got the hang of the blogging buddy thing, but was wondering if youd be interested.

    my blog is here: http://sufiazamir.wordpress.com

    its a very neglected little page, but im trying to post as often as i can, and make it more interesting as well..all the help i could get would be appreciated…and ill do the same for you 🙂

    • hey there,
      i visited your blog. nice theme 🙂
      The moment i saw your subscription mail, I thought your Blog name would be “Sufia Kalam” …. so nice na… 🙂
      Come on join the challenge. post a day.. don’t worry you can sure count on me.
      If you are from Pakistan, then you will my second blog friend from there. Welcome to the league. 🙂

      • thats a good name…..next time 😉

        yes im from pakistan..u must be from india? im assuming u are, u have a blog in hindi. pity i cant read that language 😦 i can understand a good bit of it tho, it sounds similar to my own language urdu.

  2. Awesome post Rajiv… especially the end – changes come in small packets..So true !!

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