Does everything happen for a reason?

In Crazy, Life, News, Photography on January 17, 2011 at 1:55 am

Please Note: This Post is Not meant for Children below 15 years. The Pictures could be disturbing.

The question for the day is ” Does everything happen for a reason?” You answer the question after having gone through the post. I have put a poll in the end for you.

Haiti Eartquake

Was there a reason?


injured child

Source: news.com.au

Was there a reason?

Thousands dead, millions affected

Was there a reason?


Source: infobringer.com

Was there a reason? These were holy pilgrims to Sabrimala, Kerala


Source: Google
Source: google
Everything Happens for a reason Due to a reason

  1. taqdeer 🙂 allama iqbal.

    seriously tho..i dont think so 🙂 no matter how hard u try, if sth is not in yr fate, you will not get it. wars have been lost by the strongest of armies due to the vagaries of weather, havent they?

  2. You are messed up ryt now ! probably Egyption, not Pakistani… 😉 don’t blame youself… watch Shahrukh and Madhuri starrer “DIL TO PAGAL HAI” it’ll help you ease out. 🙂
    for you- again from DTPH ” somewhere somebody is waiting for you…. dash dash” dash dash you will know when you watch movie 😛

  3. […] 18th Jan). For those three hours I could not figure out what should I write.  I sat to analyze my last post ( My MBA lessons had to be used for a while ) What went wrong with that, Why People were […]

  4. I liked this. Euronews channel here in Europe has a section ” No Comment” where they just show a news clip without the narrative. It has the same effect – you make your own mind up. Keep up the good work.

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