Does everything happen for a reason?

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Please Note: This Post is Not meant for Children below 15 years. The Pictures could be disturbing.

The question for the day is ” Does everything happen for a reason?” You answer the question after having gone through the post. I have put a poll in the end for you.

Haiti Eartquake

Was there a reason?


injured child

Source: news.com.au

Was there a reason?

Thousands dead, millions affected

Was there a reason?


Source: infobringer.com

Was there a reason? These were holy pilgrims to Sabrimala, Kerala


Source: Google
Source: google
Everything Happens for a reason Due to a reason

  1. Thanks Leianne 🙂

  2. Great visual blogging! Whether the event itself has a “reason” only lives within our minds. We can 1) rationalize it via cause and effect if we are scientists, 2) rationalize it via God if we are theists or 3)a bit of both. In the end, simply because we think it has a reason or it doesn’t doesn’t really matter regarding the event itself. It only matters between us as humans and what we personally and collectively decide.

    I believe everything has a cause (or many colliding causes), but whether or not the resulting effect is purposeful or “reason” to us lies more in our minds than within the effect itself.

    • We can 1) rationalize it via cause and effect if we are scientists, 2) rationalize it via God if we are theists or 3)a bit of both.

      True 🙂
      Brilliant comment Trudy 🙂

  3. There’s definitely a reason for this but not of something divine, these, I believe, were all caused by us, humans.

    • ha ha ha… very true. While i was preparing this post, I observed a kind of pattern in these calamities.
      Floods, volcanic eruptions, glaciers melting- these are never divine interventions. As you said we humans are the cause for all these calamities.

  4. Hey Rajiv,
    Pictures don’t lie! They tell the true story!
    St. Francis of Assisi said, “And, sometimes you even have to use words,” when he was teaching his Brothers in Assisi, Italy.

    Ugly they may be, but truth is still truth. In the first paragraph of the post today, http://cbcourtois.wordpress.com/?p=214&preview=true, India shows up in a group which is in the worst shape in the world. Your people need our prayers very badly.

    Peace and prayer,

  5. […] to more often than not center on some supernatural agent acting on the world and causing things. (Here’s the most clear and concise response to that whole attitude.) It seems that it’s not enough for sequences to be reasonable in order to “have a […]

  6. […] Does everything happen for a reason (rrajiv.wordpress.com) […]

  7. When you were walking down a road / path, and you accidentally stepped on an ant-colony. Some ants die, and you get bitten by some. Did you do it for any reason?

    What was accidental and unintentional for you, was fateful for the ants. The above pictures are yet another reminder to us that we are not the “supreme power” in this world, as we might like to think and there are bigger forces than us.

    Destination Infinity

    • wow… 🙂 beautiful example.

      What was accidental and unintentional for you, was fateful for the ants.

      it’s true. There is a supreme power. A god, you call it allah or jesus or krishna and so on. There is one god, one destination, Only paths to reach those destinations are different.
      You might have read earlier comments. The point is the perspective. Here the post is not closed end. It’s wide open. people can have their perspective. As Trudy said, this can be taken from the divine POV or from HUman POV or both. If you think, whats the reason behind all these deaths and calamity. God can’t be so merciless.Then What’s the difference between God and Osama. (Sorry for such a harsh comparison). All these calamities have a cause- effect relationship. Humans are the cause and Humans have to suffer.
      Thanks for coming by Destination infinity and participating in the discussion. Thanks again

      • Humans are the cause and humans have to suffer… That’s something. I wasn’t referring to God in my comment. I was referring to the forces of nature. Nature acts in a certain cycle, for reasons that we may not fully understand. There are earth quakes, floods, tsunamies, tornado’s, volcanos and what not. Maybe movement of those tectonic plates (that caused the earth quake) was very vital for the globe to retain its equilibrium…

        The problem with human beings is, they see everything from their own point of view. For example, you never mentioned anywhere in your post about so many other lives (animals, plants etc) that were lost in the earth quake. Because, that never occurs to us. We are the most important thing in the world, that’s what we think.

        Have you ever thought why we were given all this intelligence and ability to build, while all the other animals were left to the dangerous forest? Wasn’t God partial to us? The problem with us is, we do not appreciate the good things that God has given to us… We always make noise when something hurtful happens.

        The comment was more about nature and its cycles. We are actually insignificant in the grand scheme of things, like how the ants are insignificant to us.

        Destination Infinity

  8. rajiv, do you believe in pre-destiny?

    • Do you have something in mind? … Some people Do, I might be or might not be among them. 🙂 But one thing I do believe, One can create ones own destiny.

  9. i was just curious thats all….i do in a way….we are taught that everything happens b/c it is ordained…but like u i believe ones fate can be changed. the route i was taught was prayer and good deeds. how does one make his destiny in your opinion?

    • ask yourself, who is responsible for all this. Is it god? I don’t think so. As you sow, so shall you reap. Nursety mae padha tha. Today also it’s relevant.

      • If you see practical use of prayers and meditation, it’s to focus yourself. The main reason for all these good deeds and yoga and meditation and prayers is attain peace. Did you feel that? off course you would have.

  10. isnt it God when “as you sow, so shall you reap” applies?..whos meted out these “punishments” then? not human beings.

  11. is there anything else… 🙂

  12. fulfilment of desires?

    • Does that come only with prayers? Never.Okie. do one thing… Pray to god to feed you. But don’t move your hand. How does god feed you then…

  13. so yr point is one shudnt pray? 🙂

    • naaa… you taking it wrong way. I say substantiate it with work, a real hard work.. I’ll tell you another story. My nani (grandmother), used to tell me when i was quarter of age I’m now 🙂 .
      “Once upon a time,there was a boy studied in residential school. It was Guru-shishya tradition those times, Where students had to help teacher in their house hold works too. His teacher was very upset with him, as he was poor in studies. He applied all his methodology to teach him but in vain. One day a great sage came to that school. The teacher asked him what to do about him. Sage called him and saw his hands. He said to the teacher, Why are you trying to make him study unnecessarily. He doesn’t have education line in his hands. The boy straight away went into kitchen brought a knife, and cut his hand. The boy said, Sir see, this is the education line. Later on the boy became one of the most famous, learned and righteous king .

      So dear, what’s the message here 🙂

  14. substantiate it with work..yes…but somehow even the best of plans may go astray..man proposes, god disposes. believe in that too?

    • khudi ko kar buland itna ki har dash dash se pehle khuda tujhse puchhe bata teri razaa kya hai…

      does that answer you 😉
      ps.. dont know what is dash dash… would you mind completing it 🙂

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