Timing is Important

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This is a short post. It was meant to be an experiment with the time  posts are published. In the last few weeks I have observed a  co-relation between the Time you publish your post and the traffic that follows.

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In the last week, I have published it post midnight and the results were quiet good. For the last two days I changed my time of publishing to evening and the results varied.

May be the idea of publishing the post in the evening is not good. I shall revert back to my old-timing, when I can reach out to largest number of People.





“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”
— Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) French sculptor

What time of the day You publish your post?

  1. I find that timing matters too.

    Obviously the web is world-wide but most of your readers are where your core social network resides. For me, this is the UK/Europe and (to a lesser extent) North America. Posts made at different times are read by different geographic groups of people – it depends whether you can send your updates into their facebook/twitter stream while they are actually looking at it.

    Another thing that increases traffic is having posted regularly as well, if you’ve given people decent stuff to read in recent days they will be more receptive to your posts (or even go looking for them if you are lucky).

    Finally, because I write posts in different strands (Music / Books / etc) I find that my audience will change with the content, so if I am going to post about my favourite music (which most of my readers don’t seem to care about 🙂 ) then I usually try to follow up with a more personal post within a day or so because it seems that the readers who aren’t interested in music prefer the personal posts.

  2. i think its more what time ppl come in….i log in at night for instance so thats when ill see yr post, thats one additional user coming in.

  3. Identify your target audience. If it is Indian audience, post it after noon. If your audience is mostly from across the world, post it late in the evening.

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