How is Technology Changing the way Family Interacts?

In Pictures, Thoughts on January 22, 2011 at 12:57 am

Technology : The sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization.

In this post, I am more concerned about the way technology is changing the way people interact.

It must have begun with some experiment like this

Image via Dreamstime.com

And then came Alexander graham bell with an innovative concept of wired telephone connecting two people sitting far away .

Image via amtelevox

Invention of mobile telephony was a revolution. People just got unwired. The more cheap mobile became, the more reach it achieved.

The age of mobile is over, It has evolved over time. Now-a-days mobiles are no longer accessories, they have been replaced by Smart phones with thousands of apps. The communication over age has evolved. SMS and

Image via Airborne

their ever evolving lingo…

With so many VOIP players in market, offering free or subsidized rates, Voice chatting over Internet has become convenient and cheap source to interact Compared to Mobile phone.


Image via techhunks




This is my most favoured way to communicate home beside Skype. My dad has become first among hi generation to be tech savvy to use such media to communicate 🙂



Image via elliot.org

How you find communication easier with your loved ones?

  1. Hey Rajiv,
    We have come a long, long way since Alexander Graham Bell. So far, that Goggle, Skype, Face Book, and the e-mail/texting which is now more than 35 years old, had changed everyone’s lives in many ways.

    The world is definitely smaller. I have a friend who’s daughter lives in Italy, and she lives in Macon, went to Rome, spent several weeks there, and did her job every day while she was in Italy. So, life can go on uninterrupted all over the world.
    Truly amazing! Charlie

  2. […] How is technology changing the way Family Interacts […]

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