What an Idea !

In Art, Pictures, scribblings on January 23, 2011 at 12:10 am

Lately I have been intrigued by this line “What an Idea, Sirji”. Aditya Birla Group‘s telecom venture Idea has been coming up with Super Like advertisements. These advertisements unlike others don’t play with subscribers’ emotions but convey a subtle message. Idea’s social Initiative and with Abhisek bachhan as its Brand Ambassador has become a face to reckon with, amidst Indian mobile users. Here is few glimpse of Ideas initiative which I personally liked-

Image via google

What an idea 1- The face in the tree is of Abhisek. The idea of saving paper by using mobile was not new, but idea first came up with this in public.


Image via myamusing mind


What an idea 2- Foe a caste ridden society like India, where people are more interested in your surnames then the first name, This was a perfect satire. If you would have noticed, There are no names but numbers on name plate.. must say “what an idea sirjee” 🙂

Image via maxionline.wordpress.com

What an idea 3- Where the counties are divided in the name of language their people speak, where states fight over what language you speak. It was a perfect setup. what an idea sirji 🙂

These ads have created a high recall amongst public. What an idea sirji

Image via kunalsingla.wordpress.com

Never mind, You have an idea, TRY it. You never know ” An Idea can change your life



  1. how does showing numbers instead of names show satire?

    • I believe, the idea of putting numbers instead of names is a ridiculous but at least you don’t fight if the statue belongs to some so called upper cast or so called untouchable, which is evident from the name. Isn’t it?

  2. Nice roundup. But my favorite was when mobile was used for distance learning because class rooms were full.

  3. True..I love the Idea campaign..The smartest one so far was the portable number capability series..brilliantly done..

    • Thanks Amruta,
      The ad campaign on MNP is the reason i chose to write this post. It’s just awesome advertising. love it.
      thanks for coming by 🙂

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