Rants & Randomness

In rants on January 27, 2011 at 11:43 pm

I’m in a no mood to write any lengthy post today, hence from QuickPress. I am already bugged by the Slow net speed, to top to that Skype isn’t working and I am not able to do video conferencing.
I tried to focus on reading blogs. Couldn’t succeed. Probably i will take a break today.Take leave today. see you morrow.

  1. Well, we all get in that mood.
    I am tired of writing and nobody responding. It’s no fun to write to myself.
    A couple of people say I am too religious. Maybe?
    Maybe, very few care what an old man thinks?

    Whatever I don’t seem to be able to attract anybody with my creations, so you soon will see me fade away.
    How is it going with you?

    Break my perfect cycle of no comments for January from non-newsvine people and yourself.
    Take care, Charlie 😦

    • hey charlie
      Don’t loose hope. I have tried few things which might help you.
      1. Dont look at stats, It’s just annoying and a trap. Don’t get addicted to this trap.
      2. Write for your own pleasure, If you don’t want to write someday, just scribble sth.
      3. Don’t get bothered for what people say. Write for your own good.
      Hope this helps.
      Wish you all luck old man ! You are strong and determined buddy, Just keep on writing.

      • Now that I am finished attending the many funerals the past ten days, I have become less introspective. Thank you for your thoughts and words.

        I still like company when I talk and write! 🙂

  2. good attitude rajiv 🙂 charlie…the purpose of a blog is for yourself ONLY. if people read it, thats good, but if they dont, thats ok too 🙂

    im done setting up my website rajiv, you can see it on sufiazamir.com, and ive posted one post there as well too (a long one, since i believe in blogging for myself first, and besides im a woman…i refuse to shut up). there is still a technical error with the subscription thing tho, but ill be posting updates on my WP page till that is fixed. i hope u continue to support my writing efforts the way you always have 🙂

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