Teaching Facebook to my Nephew

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Teaching somebody to facebooking is quiet a fun and tedious job at the same time. Here’s my nephew who is 10 years old and wants to learn ‘Facebooking’. When He first uttered those two words ‘fechbuk’ , I was dumbstruck. A kid who hasn’t ridden a tricycle by now ( ok now you are stretching it, he does manage to peddle your age old bicycle-said Voice), is uttering this wretched word. No wonder in few years he would probably know who is Mark Zuckerberg and in what circumstances Facebook was born, remember “Piss off bitch” (or something similar).

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

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Anyway he insists me to open a mail id for him, which I do. ( And as always you would do it on Gmail…. off course! there is no argument on this). Then he logs into ‘Facebook’. (Don’t ask me, how many times he asked me to tell ‘what’s Login, chachu?’). Posted a beautiful picture of his, on the profile page. why you want this pic with all jackets and trousers? I asked. Chachu, there’s a girl in my class, she is very beautiful. I just want to show her this pic. She said she will be my friend. OOoooo MMmmmyyyy Gaaaawwd…. Damn you mark, My  nephew is gonna beat you, if you were in his time. He is doing all this to Impress a GIRL. I remember buying a girl a 25 paise Lemon chooce  (A small chocolate which taste like lemon) and here is this kid. What shall I teach him, He knows what status is and only needs my help in uploading pics. He has her mail id, searches her, Adds to his list and messages “Hey I am here on Facebook, Accept my friendship” What-a-generation !

I think I need a lesson from him on How to impress girls.

If you have similar experience of Teaching a kid and/or Getting taught instead by a kid. Share your story.



Image Courtesy by kidonbus.com

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  1. LOL!!! Kids these days…

  2. haye haye….itna sa bacha aur abhi se bachion ke chakkar main?? 😉

    what r u teaching him rajiv???

  3. Don’t ask ! me and his dad were eyeing on the same girl, The lucky bastard got her. Must be his dad’s influence… 😛

  4. He’s 10. He should be playing!! And you’re meant to be 13 to have a FB account.
    Sorry 🙂

  5. I’m sorry but I didn’t get it. Why did you say Gmail and no argument about it?

    • hey Leianne
      Long time! 🙂
      Like many others, I am biased to Gmail for Email id. I don’t take any other option regarding email. That’s y no argument.

      • not to mention the fact that with a gmail id, u get access to A lot of tools that other providers dont provide, im a great fan of google docs, google calender not so much, but as a collaboration tool its good. i also like the way all the emails relating to a particular subject r grouped together which makes life so much easier and u dont have to go hunting for mails 🙂 once a gmail user, always a gmail user, haina rajiv? 🙂

  6. Great photo! Good job on your postaday2011s!

  7. Hey Rajiv, fun post – nice one. I also like the banter between you and Sufiaz on here. Keep it up. 🙂

    • Thanks Alan,
      I would say, it’s a geographical divide which we (Including Narendra, who is from Chennai) are bridging through digital
      world. 🙂
      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  8. Bravo, Rajiv,
    I can’t imagine teaching one of my nieces or nephews how to use Facebook. They were all on their before I was there. I started late and reluctantly, and I’m still too busy to answer all of the inanity that everybody posts on my wall!

    To each his own! Take care, charlie

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