Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

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Let me begin with a small story:

Children loved visiting Gandhiji. A little boy who was there one day, was greatly distressed to see the way Gandhiji was dressed. Such a great man yet he doesn’t even wear a shirt, he wondered. “Why don’t you wear a kurta, Gandhiji?” the little boy couldn’t help asking finally. “Where’s the money, son?” Gandhiji asked gently. “I am very poor. I can’t afford a kurta.” The boy’s heart was filled with pity. “My mother sews well”, he said. “She makes all my clothes. I’ll ask her to sew a Kurta for you.” “How many Kurtas can your mother make?” Gandhiji asked.
“How many do you need?” asked the boy. “One, two, three…. she’ll make as many as you want.” Gandhiji thought for a moment. Then he said, “But I am not alone, son. It wouldn’t be right for me to be the only one to wear a kurta.” “How many Kurtas do you need?” the boy persisted. “I’ll ask my mother to make as many as you want. Just tell me how many you need.” “I have a very large family, son. I have forty crore brothers and sisters,” Gandhiji explained. “Till every one of them has a kurta, how can I wear one? Tell me, can your mother make kurtas for all of them? At this question the boy became very thoughtful. Forty crore brothers and sisters! Gandhiji was right. Till every one of them had a kurta to wear how could he wear one himself? After all the whole nation was Gandhiji’s family, and he was the head of that family. He was their friend, their companion. What use would one kurta be to him?

Today India pays homage to its One of the main architects of Free India. Mohan das karamchand Gandhi, popularly known Bapu ,was born on 2nd October, 1869 in Porbandar, Gujrat.

This is the day when bapu breathed his last uttering the last words Hey Ram !

Relevance of Gandhi ji teachings in Present day Scenario

This day the ideas and philosophy of Gandhi ji is more and more relevant, when the People of Egypt are at tremendous rage. Their concerns are genuine but barely fruitful results have been achieved with violence. The outrage in Egypt and the murderous incidents have already taken toll. A number of people have been injured without their fault. Times have changed a lot since Gandhi ji applied the ideas of Ahimsa (Non-violence) in South Africa and later in India, but the ideas are effective till date.

In Gandhi ji words:

The nation that is capable of limitless sacrifice is capable of rising to limitless heights. The purer the sacrifice the quicker the Progress.


Truth, purity, self-control,  firmness, fearlessness, humility, unity, peace and renunciation are the inherent qualities of a civil resister.

Finally a small video from Biographical film ‘Gandhi’. Ben Kingsley as Gandhi speaking about Non-Violence. A must see Video

Let us take a Solemn oath Come what may we will not resort to Violence

Story Courtesy: http://www.mkgandhi-sarvodaya.org/story.htm

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  1. hmm, much as i admire gandhi’s ideals, one thing i dont agree with…his propogation of ahimsa.

    i dont think non-violence really achieved anything? look where quiet acceptance landed us in as countries, were among the poorest most corrupt countries, with corrupt leaderships, look at egypt, look at all the other countries living under corrupt leaders. by being violent, tunisia achieved sth, didnt it? the irani revolution was successful. ultimately with the use of violence, maybe the objectives of the egyptians will be achieved as well. look at us, independence wasnt achieved by being non-violent, was it? the britishers were driven out by force, not love. the french revolution yielded a result.

    so whats the harm in being violent?

    • I knew this was coming. 🙂 Ahimsa requires patience, which none of us has now.
      As for Egypt and Tunisia,I am not commenting as of now. I am watching how the things are developing … will comment later on this issue.

  2. ok…just rewind in history 🙂 1947. we got it by putting our foot down and BULLYING the britishers. not by being nice to them 😉

    • But the stage was set in 1942 when prominent leaders took to “Quit India Movement”. The entire Indo-pak was ONE, united under him. due to some unwanted circumstances, he called off the movement otherwise we would have got it then and there itself.

      Off the topic:
      I really wish India-Pakistan could have stayed together.
      At least we would have taken all Cricket world cups with Wasim akram, Imran khan and Sunil gavaskar and sachin in the team 🙂

      • divide and rule baby 😦 they came and created such a huge wall b/w hindus and muslims that they couldnt have lived together after the brits left.

        • Well said Alan, appreciate the buddy thing here. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. It’s good they have initiated the step Hope for brighter future for INDO-PAK friendship

  3. Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi « Krazy Memoirs…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  4. I like this, and I we in East and South Africa also claim Ghandi for our own…though, of course, like Mandela, he really belongs to the world.

    I think both he and Martin Luther King, came at the time when is was necessary.

    There are other times, when other things are necessary.

    It’s a difficult line to walk. Spiritually, I think Ghandi is right.

    • Very True Kolembo,
      It’s a difficult line to walk. needs courage More than it takes to resort to violence. But again, as you said ‘there are other times, when other things are necessary’

  5. […] –  Today is another anniversary of his death (2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948 ) read Rajiv of Krazy Memoirs beautiful tribute […]

  6. What a beautiful tribute in Gandhi ji’s memory… very moving. Our world could use more visionary, inspirational leaders during these difficult times… I recommended this tribute in my current post. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this!

    • You are most welcome obhifra 🙂 A person of these qualities are rare these days. Guess it ends with Mandela and aang san suu ki of Burma.
      Thanks for the visit

  7. Gandhi is one of my favorite people that I admire Most. I quote him a lot throughout the internet. “Today India pays homage to its One of the main architects of Free India. Mohan das karamchand Gandhi, popularly known Bapu ,was born on 2nd October, 1869 in Porbandar, Gujrat.” Why is it we are talked more about when we are “dead.?” Top 10 quotes I love:

    #1Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
    #2Fear is not a disease of the body; fear kills the soul.
    #3The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.
    #4We must become the change we want to see.
    #5The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. #6An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
    #7Weeding is as necessary to agriculture as sowing.
    #8When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.
    #9Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.

    #10The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within.

    • Nice quotes Postaday.
      I have commented on your site too.

      For the change to begin, it must begin with Self- our self. We often blame situation and call for change of system. We should introspect and see , Are we capable of changing ourselves. Then lets ponder why cribbibg… Lets begin by changing ourselves

  8. […] I love Mahatma Gandhi and “he says, Be the Change You want to see in the World.”     Let me begin with a small story: Children loved visiting Gandhiji. A little boy who was there one day, was greatly distressed to see the way Gandhiji was dressed. Such a great man yet he doesn't even wear a shirt, he wondered. "Why don't you wear a kurta, Gandhiji?" the little boy couldn't help asking finally. "Where's the money, son?" Gandhiji … Read More […]

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  10. well…………………

    Interesting article!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I gotta say, Gandhiji’s teachings wont be that applicable in Tunisia & Egypt……….
    In Egypt, the regime has been in power for some decades now + it is totally autocratic. When compared with India b4 1947, Britishers gave us some concessions (vich Egypt hasnt, well not much anyway) & also we were a Colony i.e British had a place to go bak to which isnt the case with Egyptian Authorities.
    So, they will be more hardpressed to Stay on in power, They have seen what happened to Tunisian ruler wen ousted. So, I dont think Mubarak will ecily giv up. He has total ctrl over all institutions der + Army + Police. Another point is this is the 3rd uprising der, so u cn say he is experienced in handling it.
    Anyway, the crucial factor will be vich side crackks first. If it is the authority, well no comment on tht! if its people, then well, end of story.
    Also, dont forget same thing hapnd in Burma & wht hapnd der? Nothing.

    • “He has total ctrl over all institutions der + Army + Police.”
      – Dude totally absurd. As you would have noticed, Police have left the city for looters and are only guarding Police stations and Mubaraks residence Also Army seems to support the Civilians. He is not in total control.
      Egypt is a staunch US ally. So US will not want to change the RULE altogehter. What I have read is US wants the regime change but ALSO wants MUBARAK in the place. Which I guess civilians won’t agree.

  11. Thank you Rajiv for this memory of Gandhi.
    The silence of peace was deafening as he taught his people the art of non-violence.
    Take care, Charlie

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