Unleash your potential

In quote, Writing on February 12, 2011 at 12:20 am

We don’t “become” geniuses. It’s already within. We simply reconnect + remember our genius – Robin S (Author of The Monk who sold his Ferrari)

The inherent genius is ever-present in everybody, it’s just we underestimate our potential. We need to unleash our genius self out of hibernation and that surely requires lots and lots of self-control and meditation.

It was yesterday I saw another of my favorite movies, “Good will Hunting“, the protagonist in this movie is a born genius but lost. A highly acclaimed maths Professor tries to show him the path but the One who actually mends his ways was another great, A psychologist. Being from same neighborhood he understand his background and can pervade through his mind. he shows him the way to simple pleasures of life. Being genius is not the only thing but the way you use it for your own happiness. Finally Will left all the material wealth (future of course) for his love of Life.

Post idea: the daily Post

  1. Hey Rajiv,
    It rarely go to movies now but it looks like Hollywood has come up with a few films worth going to see. At least that will hold this old fogy’s attention…
    Did you really enjoy this movie?
    You told about it, but did it really “ring-your-bell, so to speak?”
    Take care, Charlie
    PS: You’re keeping the daily pace very well! 🙂

    • Hey Charlie,
      Long time. Good to see you. 🙂
      In last three days I have watched 4 of my fav movies.
      1. You’ve got mail
      2. Forest Gump
      3. Good will hunting
      4. scent of a woman
      You can watch them, They are damn good and worth watching.

  2. Just like genius, I heard someone said there is nothing called talent. Those who are consistent can do better than those who have so-called talents.

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