Choice is yours

In kerala, Life, rants, Thoughts on February 13, 2011 at 12:26 am


“Beware! mallus are not much of friend, They can back stab”

That was a statement once made by my mallu friend (Born in Kerala brought up in Karnataka). I dismissed it outright, I knew many of mallu friends who were not actually of this type. By this type I mean, a smooth talker who can stab you in back at first opportunity s\he gets.

However, recently I had been through a situation when I recalled his warning. A friend turned to foe or it seems to me so at least. I would not know the reason of change of his behavior and nor I’m interested to know.

Learning never stops at any age. Once a colleague of mine laughed at me for some reason. I remarked “Either you can laugh or you can Learn, Choice is yours“. Later pondering over the impromptu statement I made, I felt. That’s the crux of the miseries of the world. Choice of yours. Often your own experiences give you a choice, either you cry over it or learn from it and move on. What matters the most is the choice you make.

Today’s Topic at Daily Post.

Have you lied about your age?

Does age determines your mental capacity? People grow old and still be a child and sometime a young child has a knowledge that even old men of 80s would not believe. I don’t remember any particular incident where I lied about my age.

  1. yes ppl do lie abt their age…wonder why they do? what will they acheive by it?

    • Probably, a lie would create an inner feelings of being a child again. 😉 a message to brain- I’m child, does it work. Guess so! 😛

  2. I think it’s a she thing, more than a he thing, I believe!
    When my age gave me limitations, like driving, or going to Las Vegas, I lied about it!
    Some vanity, and some pride. Take care, Charlie

  3. Our fair ladies have yet to opine?
    Cheers! Charlie

  4. yes its more of a woman thing 😦 still why they do it i dont know…if u r 60, u shud be proud of it…celebrate it even. why hide it?

  5. I liked your remark…you can laugh or you can learn… foor for thought.

  6. Doh ! I must type more slowly. 🙂

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