Why We Write?

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Why we write?

How many times have you asked this question to your self? I just stumbled upon this awesome Blog Why we write?, where people have shared their opinion about this very question Why We Write? Each story is intriguing. You can find some commonality between yourself and the blog post writer.

Reading has been my hobby and writing came along with it  coincidently. Now I enjoy writing. I might not be a very good writer but I’m just giving it a shot. My sole purpose of writing is to get myself better at this and to upgrade my intellect by reading many blogs.

Why We Write - Number 52: Reader-Submitted Essay Number 52Today’s piece is written by Natasha Costa, a reformed reporter.One of the first clear memories I have is of reading.When I was about two years old I went through that “why?” phase that so many children have, and my parents always, without fail, pulled out the encyclopedia set they’d spent so much money on and had me sound out what I was asking about.It was all very exciting back then; first came the ABC song and then learning how to stri … Read More

via Why We Write

So Why DO YOU WRITE? Lets listen to your story.

  1. why do i write? cuz im a woman, i love to talk. combine this with a love of reading, and a very opinionated personality, writing comes but naturally 🙂

    • true sufia 🙂 You are nothing but a genius 😉 Did you read other articles. All are good, but somehow it was written a year ago… and i searched for recent articles from the same team, couldn’t get it 😦

  2. Thought provoking stuff. I remember my first writing experience was writing a poem during a Chemistry exam. Yup, I was rubbish at Chemistry but I liked my poem (it was a long poem – it was a long exam). That was 40 years ago. I’ve written ever since. Sadly, not much has survived the early years though I do still have stuff boxed away from 10 years ago and some before pc’s !! Whatever you do young people – keep your writing – you’ll develop and perhaps in years to come you’ll look back and your efforts may be naive, but hidden in there will be an idea you can use again, I’m sure. That is my regret – not keeping the early stuff. But it’s still fun to connect through writing and that’s what we all try to do. 🙂

    • Thanks Al for that wonderful advise 🙂

    • Hey Single Malt M,
      I have the exact same lament. I traveled world wide in the 60’s as an import/export salesman. That translates to “hustler” in order to survive. No credit cards in those days and I represented over 40 companies. Straight commission!

      By the time I finished all of my deals, paying my translators, and getting communications off to NY and Frankfurt am Main, my days were so exhausting I hardly knew my name.

      So, I say to the young, keep a diary, and good notes about your thoughts; it will leave you lot’s of writing possibilities.
      Charlie C

  3. Rajiv this post is so very true. I didn’t check out the blog you recommended but I do love this whole idea of giving something you love to do “a shot”. My sole purpose as well is to write. I love to read so I figured writing would come along with the hobby. However, I can’t always seem to figure out what I want to write about; sometimes I can. I seem to find myself on Facebook more often then I find myself trying to figure out what to blog about. {Sometimes I’m lucky and find an interesting topic while I’m Facebooking} haha
    ☮ & ♥


    • Hey Mnemosyne,
      Thanks for writing in…
      I feel the major difference b/w blog and Facebook is the length of post (That’s obvious) and the ideas you put in. In Fb, given the space constraint you can write the seed of your idea. but the blog is to unravel all what’s happening in your mind.
      I agree with you when you said you get ideas from FB. I’ll add twitter to that… definitely it’s true…
      do visit again

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