Written in Dust: The Keyboard Speaks (via Why I Never Lived, and why I always lied)

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Somehow our subconscious mind at work says a lot about our character. Ever tried looking unto self through seemingly non-existent stuffs, such as keyboard of your PC or laptop. Here’s a stupendous blog post .


Image via yankodesign



A mere use of  symbol does that tell you something about you, neither it did to me. But this man IKTM has read into it and suggests what could you be thinking.

I see keys like A J and ) and . and ; ans SHIFT and CAPSLOCK are cleaner than other keys… i understand a bit about my usage of words or symbols as to I do put smiley 😉 mostly winking and 🙂 smiling. B’coz I’m mostly a smile on face man 😉 . I emphasize mu point by putting it in CAPS. Besides I finish off a line with three continuous DOTS most of the time… Read on further for more interesting analysis. Happy Reading !

“The faintest ink is more powerful than the greatest memory.” As I was dusting my keyboard yesterday, I noticed a more stubborn type of dust on some of the keys, which I didn’t rub off: it was precious. Why? Because it told a very interesting tale… Of the keys in the alphabet, Q had a significantly greater covering of the dust than any of the other keys, most of which were clean. TAB was a bit cleaner than the CAPS LOCK key, indicating clearly … Read More

via Why I Never Lived, and why I always lied

So, What does Your KEYBOARD speaks about YOU?

  1. I think self-confidence has a lot to do with how we comport ourselves. Family training and ethics, culture and education will all determine how much “Dust there is on the keys!”

    Examining the keys for dust is hilarious, and not something I would have ever thought of, and if I had, I would never have done it!
    Have fun checking the dust on your keys, Rajiv.
    Take care, Charlie

    • Well said Chalie, Indeed the very basic values are imbibed from the childhood and most of the credit goes to Parents, surrounding, school and society. Moral and ethical values I believe can’t be taught. It just comes naturally.
      I would have never thought of dusting keyboard and learning from it. But again, sometime simple stuffs teach you a lesson worth remembering, Perhaps it was one of those.
      Take care wise ol’ man

  2. Interesting article 🙂

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