A major Upset

In Cricket, World cup on February 22, 2011 at 11:36 pm


The murderer

Today England Played against Netherlands. It was the game that could have created another history in the World Cup Cricket. A history of major upsets.

England played a lesser known team Netherlands. But none the less peremptorily, Netherlands played beautifully to score a massive 292 runs in stipulated 50 over match. Thanks to Ryan Ten Doeschate. He shone for Holland both in batting and bowling department.  With Century on one hand and 2 precious English wickets on the other. His patience is worthy of admiration. A truly deserved Man of Match.

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One of the top class teams of cricket world, England had to toil hard to make those 292 runs. Andrew Strauss’s effort was commendable but he fell an easy prey to the powers of folly. Finally Collingwood and Ravi Bopara made it to the end. However, Bowlers again failed badly. Bowlers, save Broad and Swann, gave easy run to Netherlands’ batsmen.

Next England is playing India on 27th Feb at Bangalore. Lets hope that the next match is breath-taking. May the best Side Win !

  1. it WAS breathtaking 🙂 one match that kept me hooked. good fight put up by netherlands, never expected them to make 290 odd runs, but they did so well done them 🙂

    lets see what the men in green cook up tomorrow, yes theyre playing kenya, but im sure our coach has his reasons for them to perform well against minnows 🙂 why i predict pakistan will win tomorrow is a very silly reason which i hope to share tomorrow (simply cuz i left the file in the office).

    • Wow u supporting Pakistan… gr8888…Because, Kenya has a record of creating upsets in world cup… may be another one tom as per your prediction 😉 (remember, you said whichever team you supported Lost)

      • main support nai kar rahi 😛 im just saying our coach has good reason to worry 😉 remember what happened to our coach in the last cup when we were thrashed by minnows 😉

    • why i predict pakistan will win tomorrow is a very silly reason which i hope to share tomorrow (simply cuz i left the file in the office).

      Share to karo 🙂

  2. England stuns Netherlands…what a pity..lol

  3. Not technically an upset if England win though is it? But the Netherlands did push England pretty hard and proved they are better than people thought, while England are worse…

    • It was just a figure of speech, Willis. England toiling against Netherlands was quite unlikely…It was supposed to be easy win. Kudos to Netherlands who made England feel like a second rate team. No body had ever thought that Netherlands could ever give a tough fight. Even Ryan said in his acceptance speech that he never believed that they were going to bat first. There was something which had changed that moment when Captain-Netherlands called for batting. May be England didn’t think they would choose to bat first- A sign for optimism and courage (I feel)

  4. All my serials are on hold… Thanks to the world cup… Hopefully India will do well this time… Looking fwd to the next match… Have a nice day!!:)

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