What a pity…

In Cricket, World cup on February 23, 2011 at 11:58 pm

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Before I start, Here are few questions for you to answer. Don’t worry options are provided. 😉

1. How do you know Sachin Tendulkar better as?

a) Batsman b) Bowler

2. How do you know Brian Lara better as?

a) Batsman b) Bowler

3. How do you know Lance Klusner better as?

a) Batsman b) Bowler c) all-rounder

4. How do you know Imzmam better as?

a) Batsman b) Bowler c) all-rounder

I guess you would have given each one correct.

Now today it was opening match for Pakistan. A strong contender for this edition of world cup. With lots happening on and off cricket ground for Pakistani players, this series is about to prove to the world that they are still a unit and each of the Pakistani player is equal to ten on the other side. Damn it, You can’t deny this. The likes of Kamran Akmal, Sohaib Akhtar, Sahid Afridi have that ability that they can single-handedly change the nature of the game. (na na don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about any pre-setting 😉 )

The question I asked in the beginning had a purpose. To know if you know each of the player as batsman or bowler or an all-rounder. One last question. How do you know Sahid Afridi better as? As far I am concerned, i remember him as the batsman who scored fastest century not once but twice.

Today, while playing with Kenya, Pakistan scored 371 runs with fantastic contribution from Kamran, Younus, Misbah and Umar. The captain, not unlikely our’s MSD, chose to be silent spectator. Has the batsman in Afridi and MSD died? They entered the cricketing arena as spectacular batsmen but overtime, the load of captaincy has burdened them to a mere spectator. What astonished me today was Afridi’s comment while at presentation ceremony.

On his own bowling performance, he just said that he is a bowler first and then a batsman. Nice way to end!

What a pity !

Yours take now 🙂


  1. 😦

    yes afridi was a batsman..but as a batsman he is extreme…one day he will sizzle, next day he will fizzle. but with the ball hes always sensational 🙂
    either way, no match is the same without him 🙂

    and fastest century..twice?? THRICE my friend..THRICE. he has three of the six fastest centuries 🙂

  2. 🙂 Thanks for update Sufia… Two I clearly remember … third it’s difficult.
    So it was bad day for him as batsman… Anyway… Team played well today… restricting them today under 130 was job well done 🙂

  3. against BD in the asia cup 2010…sixth fastest century on record..he was the man of the series as well 😉

    yayy…see thats what happens when a team has a strong bowling department…even if they are playing kenya 🙂

    • 🙂 till now. in this world cup I observed two teams with strong bowling performances Newzeland and Pakistan … yaaayyyy 😀 You happy 😉

      • would have been stronger if amir and asif were there 😦 gadhe ke bache 😦 such idiots i swear 😦 effed their career with their own hands…and our chances at the cup along with it 😦

        • and ive noticed, u always spell afridis name as sahid, and never shahid? the first time i thought it was a typo, but u always seem to spell it like that…why so?

          incidentally, check out lalas full name: Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi….amma abba ko jo yaad aya, laga diya 😉

          • Okie which of them is correct साहिद or शाहीद. the former I write as Sahid and later as Shahid. 🙂
            And now i understand your lala 🙂
            I call one of my college friend lala. In this case, Since he belongs to Kayasth community (Business men mostly, Amithabh Bachhan is kayastha though, His original Title is Shrivastava. bachchan was the other name his father Shri Harivansh rai Shrivastava “Bachchan” used to tag along for his poetry. Later he dropped Shrivastava for his children and Bachchan remained).
            Aur Amma (mother) and Abba (Father) name is common to tag along in this part of India, Not much in North. 🙂

        • 🙂 heard asif is taking asylum in UK. is that right Sufia? May be in next two years he would join England team lolz 😛

  4. Lets blame it on the burden called “Kaptani” 🙂

    Even the batsman in Sachin struggled ( for his standards that is ) during his disastrous stint as Kaptan.. Ricky ponting has been suffering off late too..
    In fact if you look at MSD’s success record as a captain..BTW Dhoni is in the top 5 list of ODI batsman for more than 2 years now ( http://www.relianceiccrankings.com/ranking/odi/batting/ ) I don’t know what more a player has to do to earn respect from fans. Any ideas?

    As of Shahid ( prefix and suffix whatever u like ) he’s hardly consistent. crazy maverick to say the least. However, I always wanted him to lead the team, koi aur ko kha jaate. He’s Sher.

    • shhhh…nothing bad abt afridi 😛 he is inconsistent with the bat, but with the wall, he manages to pull through someway or the other. so i guess it works out in the end. but id have no other captain. even misbah.

      seriously tho, yes, captaincy doesnt suit most ppl. sachin..punter..to name only two…even mohammad yousuf. misbah was one of the RARE captains who performed with the bat as well while being a captain.

      PS. i want aussie to suffer this time. i need to see the back of punter!

      • BTW..I felt that Younis Khan got a raw deal…Had he been made the captain instead of Sania’s husband..I’m sure he would have done wonders…I find him extremely honest and straight forward…I don’t know that’s wht I feel..

        I like ur PS statement 🙂 Virtual Hi-Five

        • i couldnt agree with u more. younis khan is a very straightforward..decent fellow. sanias husband??? hes a rat! all the problems the team was going thru post-inzamam? all cuz of shoaib malik and his party politics. now that hes gone, look at the teams unity.

          • The current Australian team is a skeleton of its erstwhile team. If Aus manages to win the cup (which is most unlikely) It will be sheer luck. Even I want this punter to loose. 🙂

  5. Actually it can be said here that the burden of captaincy just does not fit some players who are great on the field……….Peterson was the last example in a long line. You know what they say, you don’t make your best salesman the sales manager. It doesn’t work.

    • Yes, I agree…totally agree.
      That’s is exactly why England plays one captain and 10 players. Nasser Hussain was one such captain..he seldom performed.. however, he was regarded as one of the finest English captains..Other name which comes to mind is Adam Hollioake 🙂

    • Well said Al,

      you don’t make your best salesman the sales manager. It doesn’t work

      Every individual is different from the other.
      As far as, MSD has learnt the tricks of the game. he manages things well and sometime hits with bat too, but sometime, has been great with Gloves. India is very unfortunate to have a very few wicketkeeper-batsman. He’s the one after Saeed kimrani and Nayan Mongia.

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