Morally England wins the game

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India Vs England

Mahendra Singh Dhoni…

Captain of Indian Cricket Team. Batsman wicket keeper. He has some highest scores to his credit. ODI début in 2004 against Bangladesh.

That’s his profile says.

India played against England today in Bangalore. India scored 338 runs before being bowled out in 49.5 overs. Thanks to Sachin, Gautam and Yuvraj for shaping up the innings. And special thanks to Sehwaag for the wonderful start. Sachin completed his 97th century overall, and 47th in ODI format.

However things turned ugly when Sachin got out and Dhoni came to bat. Generally he is a hard hitter of the ball in any formats of the game, but off late he has forgotten how to hit sixes. Despite the fact, he still ranks in top 5 ODI batsman, I doubt the uncanny ability of the ranking methodology. Any way coming to the point, MSD came at no 5, which in no way was schedule. It was time for either Virat Kohli or Yusuf Pathan. But here comes MSD (eff off). And the result was, we fell short of some 10-15 runs. Later when Pathan and Kohli came, they didn’t have time to get set. They started off the hook and fell prey to tactics of English Bowlers.

England played extremely well. Andrew Strauss was phenomenal with his knock of 158 runs of 145 balls studded with 18 boundaries and a lone six. Ian Bell supported him well throughout the innings. Indian bowlers were mere spectators to the onslaught. Munaf struck well in the beginning and Zaheer’s wonderful spell brought India back into the game. But it was too late. English tail-enders finally wagged and England TIED the score.

It was the fourth instance in the world cup history and first time in this edition, where match was tied.

Who is at fault? Everyone knows. It need not be told. But one thing to say, This TIED match is gonna cost us. And MSD, cricket fans will remember your treachery.

Technically this match is tied, but morally India lost to England.

signing off…

  1. BOWLERS! when zak clicked it was tooo late.

    • hhehehehhhee…look at this way..this was a perfect game..coz this wud put our team on high alert..no more complacency…this shud work for us..more we get a point..so, this is far better than a humiliating loss..

      Bowling needs to fire…it did..somehow saved us the embarrassment…but..we need to come good…Cup is at stake man 😥

      • You are right Narendra. This was necessary. MSD and co were taking it too lightly. See his arrogance, he says if 338 can be beatable we need to score 350.
        Well that won’t be enough too if our bowling dept does not get better. Seriously there was no point for him to bat that time. Kohli was there, and pathan is handy for such moments. I’m pissed off with this jerk.

        • I understand ur points…I know u angry with MSD, perfectly justified…bowling needs to buck up yaar..else our WC dreams are in grave danger..

    • true Sufia. And this bhajji is being a liability for the team.

  2. Well this was the HIGHEST match aggregate of all time in world cup.

  3. I think it was a perfect wake up call for Indian bowlers and specially BCCI. How do you expect that a world cup encounter can have around 670 runs scored and about 6 wickets in first 40 overs of both innings? BCCI needs to move on from creating cement pitches just because our batting line up is good. That explains the performance of team in Aus and SA…. But about the match kudos to Eng for a stellar performance….

  4. What a match !! I thought Strauss struggled to control Tendulkar and Gambhir and Swann was getting wallopped all over the place. Bresnan was by far the best in an inconsistent bunch. Then a catch and a break through….and then Strauss scores half England’s runs and we could have snatched it. Just as well we didn’t. We would be basking in glory this morning…as it is we’re pleased but taking a level-headed view. 🙂

    • This match was just like pendulum on Big Ben Al 🙂 Sometime in India’s favour and sometime England’s. Anyway this proved no team is the best 😉 winner will be sb else 😀

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