Freebird: VIRTUAL MUAHS! !

In Humor, Reblog on March 1, 2011 at 11:58 pm

Life of netizens. Facebook, twitter and what not. How close have we become. Have we? Did you have any situation when a distant relative sent you friend request and the very sight of that request sent chillers down your spine. Someone like Jaunpur wali mamiji or Timbaktu wale chacha. 🙂  Read this interesting post on Freebird.

Freebird: VIRTUAL MUAHS! !.

  1. I liked this link. Good thinking, I’m sure agree, Rajiv. And the title…..VIRTUAL MUAHS ….cool (am I too old to use that word, I bet it’s passe now)….I love the new words that are appearing too….”sofalizing”…excellent. Maybe we need a blog on new words, Rajiv. I’ll leave it to you youngsters. 🙂

    • 😀 ha ha Al. Age is no bar for love and I have learnt this from you 🙂 Today it’s Fi’s bday, so go on give her some virtual Muahs 🙂 Another surprise 🙂 (please excuse if it was without limit)
      Sofalizing 🙂 nice… looked for its meaning… new to me 🙂 but someway or the other we are doing it… Facebook twitter they aren’t making us socialise but Sofalize 🙂
      Thanks Al
      and Wish Fi HBD on my behalf 🙂

  2. I likes it 😛
    Cool Post yaar..good share..

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