The first Upset of World Cup 2011

In Cricket, World cup on March 2, 2011 at 11:08 pm

Upset of Cricket world cup 2011

Games at Bangalore are now a part of expecting something Unexpected. First a TIE, first of the edition and now an Upset, another first of the Edition. And sadly both involved English Team. 🙂 While the last match played between India and England was quite painful, Today it was awesomeness all around. With English Team being the surprised lot.   😛

Whoaaaa ! what a thrilling match. What India could not achieve so-called minnows – Ireland did it. What a fight back. Kudos to you team… I take a bow.

England put up a huge total against Ireland, just like India 😐 , a total of 327. Sadly none of their batsmen could score a century but again it was a team effort. 4 of them scored half century and Trott fell prey to nervous nineties. Tremendous bowling by Irish bowlers, especially Mooney.

Never would have Brits dreamt about such an innings from Irish team. Once down for 111 for 5, to muster a win needs lots of courage. And Kelvin came after English Bowling and not only scored the fastest century ever of the World Cup 🙂 but also staged an Upset – the first of this edition. Strauss was clearly unhappy about bowling and fielding (not unlike Dhoni) but the real showman of the day was Kelvin O’Brien. Kelvin’s star-studded inning of 113 of just 63 balls (a strike rate of 179.37 OMG) with 13 boundaries and 6 sixes harassed all English bowlers. Alex Cusack and Mooney again played another good innings with bat and the result is an unexpected UPSET.   🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. I for Ireland ; O for O’Brien
    Scintillating performance… Ripped apart the English bowlers…O’Brien’s innings has be one of the top 10 knocks ever at WC..what a chase man..am lil worried coz they playing India this weekend 😀

    What’s worse is tomorrow’s papers will say this match was fixed, such a shame. No one on Earth can fix such an innings. This was out-of-the world stuff…god’s fixed this game..

    • No one is ever going to doubt this match even if it had been. Cricket is Gentlemen’s game remember 🙂 Kevin is definitely a threat to India now considering our bowling performances 😐

    • hawww 😛 try to shut up ijaz butt up now hahaha.

      top 10??? that was THE fastest century in the WC. yay for ireland…india, beware 😀

  2. It was a great game and an even greater innings. Barring Aravinda de Silva in the final (1996) or Sachin’s 98 in the 2003 world cup, I can’t think of more memorable innings. This was out of this world innings that people dream about playing.

  3. Isn’t sport wonderful ! What a knock….100 off 50 balls – 113 from 63… from an Irishman !! Told you England’s bowling was dodgy. Oh, well, they’ll be able to get home early and maybe get a couple of weeks off before the season starts here. 🙂

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