TBTC Syndrome

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Let me Start with an incident that happened last spring.

A small Incident

It was spring break and I had come home for a week. My younger brother had holidays and he was also with us. How it happens , when you come home after a long time, you wish to go around and look what has changed in your city. I overwhelmed with this feeling took out my bike. While  Coming back, I saw a huge crowd circling someone at Ford Company Chowk. Ford Company Chowk (Junction) is accident prone area mostly due to the blind curves, no speed breakers and narrow roads. I thought of inquiring what has happened. But again turned a blind eye and moved on. Unfortunately I had not learnt my lessons, yet.

At 2:30 Papa, me and babu (my bro) sat for lunch. I curiously asked, “Papa, was there any accident at Ford Company Chowk?” They both smiled in unison. I was confused. Then Papa started his story.

He was coming back from a meeting moments after I had crossed Ford Company Chowk. He stopped to look for what had happened. And the sight before him put him to shock. It was babu trying to lift his motorcycle, lying on the road and nearby there was a goat with fractured limb. Apparently he had skid and hurt himself, trying to save the goat. And the crowd were demanding compensation for the broken limb of the goat. Papa used his presence of mind and acted as if he didn’t know babu. He tried to help babu as some odd person would have tried to help. He asked babu, Sir, are you hurt? Babu was quizzed but he understood and complied with. Soon Papa managed to sort out things and took babu to hospital for his first aid. There was nothing serious but could have been worst. Babu returned home and then Papa came too for lunch.

Now it was my turn to smile. But somewhere something inside was aching. Why didn’t I inquired? What if Papa had not gone there. Babu would have been in trouble. And lots more ill-thoughts came to mind.

That day I had learnt my lesson. To hell with TBTC syndrome. I shall at least try to inquire and will do the needful from now onwards. I was indeed lucky to be part of Batul da Students association, which takes social initiatives for people in need.

We often complain of lack of time for anything and everything that falls out of our comfort zone. Our lives has become a web of chores. Get up in the morning, if you’re health freak, then do some yoga, getting your kids ready for school, have breakfast and move out for office. And when evening dawns, get back to home. That’s it. we are oblivious of the world around us.

How many times have we stopped and inquired about, why there was such crowd etc. Often our tendencies are to get away from ruckus. kaun pachde mae pade bhai, nikal lo bagal se. Whoever gathers around, does it to get entertained, nothing else. I’m no different. We all suffer fromTBTC SyndromeToo Busy To Care.

I ask you all, Please DO NOT get induced by TBTC syndrome. I learnt my lesson hard way. I don’t want you to learn your lesson this way. Take some time out to get involve with people around you. With the busy lives and apartment fashion, we don’t even know, who is our neighbour. Get in touch with people, try to be of some help in their times of need. At the end what we earn is Human Capital through investment in Human capital. All other things will be left aside. What will remain ingrained in other’s mind will be your memories.

Will work for Social Change



  1. Thank you for the reminder. Also I am glad your brother was seriously injured.

  2. A wonderful anecdote… one that subtly reminds us how damaging being too busy to care can be.

  3. Hmmm..I don’t have any right to comment on this…me in TBTC category…not busy..but more like..mera kya jata hai thing *sigh*

    • exactly the way I felt narendra… mera kya jata hai… par ye soch ke dar lagta hai ki agar papa nahi jaate to kya hota…I have learnt this lesson from my father. You know narendra, it hardly takes few minutes to build rapport. you must be knowing well… You are an expert on this 🙂

  4. Hey Rajiv,
    I try to walk 20 minutes a day.
    Am slowing down on blogging; not productive.
    Writing a book, “So, You Want to Be self-Employed?”
    Starting a program for fallen away Catholics to encourage them to return home.
    Have a great day. Be joyful always!

    • Hey Chalie, Dont get dishertened. You believe in God na…. have faith on him… Whatever happens …happens for a reason.. Just follow your heart… Don’t think beyond that… you will be surprised .. to see finally your heart will lead to peace and solace…

  5. that is so sad 😦 eye opener of a post

  6. yes. ..every word of it 😉

  7. We all connect to this,the TBTC syndrome:)nice write up Rajiv:)

  8. rajiv…there was a story in this mths RD as well. more like speaking out against things going wrong in order to stop them from happening. will share it tomorrow on my blog page. its a true story and it really makes us realize, bad things dont just “happen to other ppl”, they can happen to us as well.

  9. […] the need to speak out against the evils in our society. Only a few days ago, Rajiv came up with a post in which he talks about how people are too busy going about their own lives to look into the […]

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