05march2011 diary

In diary on March 5, 2011 at 11:55 pm

Well, It was another eventful day for me. Yesterday, it was one software creating trouble. With a change of hand, I need to get in the groove asap. But a problem like yesterday is harrowing experience. We tried to deal with it till late night, no success. Finally called it a day. Early morning back to it. It was last date for submission. So needed to get it done fast. Finally after some repeated uninstallation-Reinstallation procedures, it was straightened. Having done that I had a good sleep 🙂

Waiting for peaceful Sunday.

PS: Read this Interesting post on love and hate-all about CRICKET

  1. Can you re-install a brain? I seem to have fried mine doing some simple Arithmetic. No-one bothered to let me know that it’s NOT a leap year.

    How have you managed to keep up a blog a day, and all of them so well presented?

    I think you deserve blogger of the month! Ok, we’re in the middle of it…blogger of the week then.

    Whatever, well done, and on, on eh!

    • Thanks kolembo 🙂 I am embarrassed.
      Dude this year starts with 1 so No way It could have leap year. What arithmetic were u busy in?

  2. You have such a great smile. I will vote for you for sure. What a nice Trip. THanks for showing all of us.

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