Why Women’s day? Why not?

In Art, Humor, Life on March 8, 2011 at 11:55 pm

March 8th… International Women’s day or working women’s day.


Happy Women's Day

I love Google when they come up with such doodles specific to an occasion. The picture above is Google’s logo today. Hardly any people across the world would have missed it.

However the word Women’s day is sounds quite outrageous. It gives a feeling that rest 364 days are not meant for them. Is it so? Ask few question to yourselves. Beginning from home.

Q: Who’s the boss in the house?

A: Mother

Q: Who’s speaker of the house?

A: (again) Mother

Q: Who do you ask money from?

A: Mother (again)

Q: Who’s the boss? Again?

A: Wife 😐

Q: Who is the Main Speaker in the house?

A: Wife (again !) what you thought? Me? No way! Silence is Golden! 😉

Now my dear fellow brothers & sisters, who do you think, need a day for themselves? Women? Or Men?

So, why not have a International Men’s day? Guess what we do have it too. fkin crazy! Check it here

Folks I can’t take a risk of going without food for few days. so here I go… Things change when you get married. Earlier on this occasion, I used to wish my mom and now I wish my wife, too.

Two most important and most powerful women in my life.

Mother,God’s only flawless creation.  She takes care of you for entire life. It doesn’t matter if you are 7-year-old or 77-year-old, you are still a child for your mother. Love you maa !

Then comes Wife. God’s only creation that has never learned the word Silence!. 😉 no offence ladies. We, men have to learn this part, so much as to complement our better half. Somebody has to listen, hence men are for.

But never forget, it is she who shall will stick to you in all your ups & downs and even when your children are long gone and there’s none to support you. It she again who shall be your comfort and real soul mate. – Love you sweetheart 🙂

Ps: This post is dedicated to two lovely ladies in my life.

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  2. Meri Shaadi nahi hui hai na..so, I can’t relate to half of this post…Other half, is something that I cherish..My mom is cool…yes..tht’s the way I would put it…she’s amazing under pressure and never panics under tough situations…we’re more like friends..I dun think any other relationship comes close to mom-son relationship…Cheers to moms 🙂

  3. Agreed all but a small correction we are continuous speakers but the “Main Speaker”… Silence is golden is very true even when you are supposed to give explainations.

    • hmmm Jhagra kiya kya tumne? 🙂 arrey achha hai patni agara ghar sambhalti hai to ghar pe usi karaaz chalna chahiye na 😉 one more thing it improves Men’s Listening skill 😀
      glad to see you here Rashmi 🙂

  4. yes 😀 this is one post i can definitely relate to. i know i laugh at the silly things mum does (i only point her out as an example of how all paki mothers r), but at the end of the day, when the chips r down and no one else is on your side, you know yr mum will always will be there. i really feel sorry for those ppl who have lost their mothers, i really cant imagine how my life would be like without mine…take away the rest of my family, just leave me my mama.

  5. Men’s Day………I’ll stick it on the calendar. Good post, Rajiv.

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