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As already mentioned in my last post, I was going to read my next assignment was to read Chanakya‘s Chants by Ashwin Sanghi. It’s a short book with 400 pages. I shall write a review on this book later. For the time being I am more concerned about a quote I read in the book.

A single death is tragedy; a million deaths is a statistics

Yesterday, Japan had an earthquake which shook not only entire Japan but the tremors were felt as far as in Beijing. Tsunami followed. At first Japanese Government assured no damage to reactors, but the death toll kept on rising. By today it’s in five figures. Japan is supposed to facing the worst tragic event after WW2. The rising death tolls have become mere statistics.

The quote is by none other than Joseph Stalin.

portrait of joseph stalin

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  1. Good thought. Very true !!

  2. Hmmm. What I remember now is Sashi Tharoor tweeting “Cattle Class” Isn’t this same mentality. He was crucified on mere mention ofCattle class, but what the quote is referring to is also about Cattle Class. Daily people are killed, murdered, raped and what not all around the world- that is mere STATISTICS. If A politician is dead, (naturally, let alone killed) it is a Natioanal Tragedy.
    We need to think. Are we following the Right to EQUALITY???

    • santosh…i have to agree with u…everyone mourns over a murdered politician, but no one remembers his body guard or driver who was killed along with him when someone opened fire.

  3. What is happening in Japan is hard to get your head around. We see the pictures….more and more pictures………..what really connects is the human story when we find it. We must cling to that and not allow our minds and sense to become desensitized. It can happen all to easily.

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