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Topic idea: Daily Post

Grab a sentence from the book lying in right side -third para, first sentence

This is today’s blog exercise. I loved it for two reason.

1) It’s different from the usual boring topics.

2) This gives you an idea about what people are reading, Now.

So here I am…

Book lying in my right side is “Eye of the Needle” Yes, I bought it finally. Authored by Ken Follett. The third paragraph, first sentence:

“He had no Idea where he was, Now”



Continuing from here [21:30]

Even I had No idea where I was, then & now.

Kya bakwaas hai ! 🙂

  1. Interesting way to write a blog post … lol =)

    • 😀 will write another interesting post in a short while 😉
      abhi to bilkul mann nahi kar raha hai…
      that’swhy wrote KYA BAKWAAS HAI ! (WTH!)

  2. Hmmm, there are no books in my room 😀

  3. Ha ha! Very interesting post indeed!

    Ok, so I don’t see a book nearby but there’s a magazine so I hope that will do. It’s a weekend magazine that comes with the newspaper.

    “Blackheads need to be professionally removed as any pressure on the skin will leave permanent marks.”

  4. It’s true it certainly will give an idea of what people are reading right now. Goodness knows what people will think of me when they read the title of the book i’m reading.

  5. u got eye of the needle 😀

    and come ON naren…dont u read books?????

    • Books are boring 😐
      Reading books makes people lazy 😀 coz they are tied to d seat n it takes them to a dreamland…I dun want pseudo knowledge from these authors..invariably all are writing to make money..a form of passive income 😐

    • I got it finally…Your suggestion, besides I inquired from few ppl and read some reviews… 🙂 thanks Sufi , Haven’t started it yet… work pressure… 😐
      And Narendra, it’s just for the sake of opposing it, you are opposing it… otherwise you will be having lots of books I guess 🙂

      • Hmmm…agar itne books pad leta toh aaj IAS officer hota na…Software industry ki maar nahi khata 😛

        I find books boring…I do read once a while..so that I don’t end up a jack ass..but never out of desire or interest 😀

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