Goshdarnit! Matt,

In Blog, Crazy, Humor, scribblings on March 18, 2011 at 4:24 am

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I click on ‘New Post’ and after having me wait for few minutes, Computer throws me a Page titled

” Goshdarnit! “

Interestingly, it said must be Matt’s fault. If you know Matt, no not Matt Damon of Goodwill hunting/Bourne series fame.

I took print screen for it. Here’s the page.



It is Matt of Automattic, founder of WordPress Matthew Charles Mullenweg. Visit his blog sometime, it’s ma.tt At first sight it looks like a graffiti by some kid. But then, it is what your heart says you write, confirms it. And as you browse down, you see credentials and then you believe it’s Matt’s.


Matt on right, Evan on Left

I was quite amused by the message on board, It’s just that WordPress inc. is cool place to work with 😛

– That’s it for now, Good night Morning

  1. I found that pretty funny too. Thanks for the research!

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