A day without Laptop

In Blog, Books, diary, food, Pictures on March 23, 2011 at 12:10 am

One day without my laptop to give me company over coffee in the evening. I had a disgusting feeling about this, unless I switched back to Phone calls, reading Books and my new found Tension Buster activity COOKING

Yup, I called few of my relatives otherwise with whom I would have chatted on Facebook. That was indeed pleasurable (doubt this word exist), both for me and the other fellow.

Further, I prepared dinner yesterday which was nothing more than fried potato and Paratha (Chapati with ghee). 🙂 Fellas, Don’t laugh, it was delicious (Off course by my standard and I think you would have also liked it, After all I’m not a bad Cook)  😉

Mint paratha

Image via Wikipedia

Finally I completed “Eye of the Needle” by Ken Follett. Thanks to Sufia for suggesting me this book. My next read is “Beyond the Last Blue Mountains” – A life of J R D Tata, by R M Lala

image via infibeam

PS: Photon Customer care sucks. No body has visited yet to rectify the problem. Lets see how many days they take to solve this. I have written to their Nodal offices but the mail id which they provided, bounces back … can you believe that. They provided with a mail id and when you send mail on that Id, it bounces back Fk!

  1. u read eye of the needle 😀 howd u find it?

    and how are u managing to get online? i assume yr internet isnt working yet?

    • “She is a hero Godliman” … “I understand what you mean fred” Awesome Read Sufia… enjoyed it a lot.
      Thanks again

  2. I read ‘Eye Of The Needle’ years ago; it’s a good book. There’s an excellent film version, starring Donald Sutherland.

  3. ki hoya? long time no post. sup?

    • haanji moi back with one small post. Love to see me back again and you too. I have missed writing a lot these few days, about Indian win, about the clash of titans on 30th oohhh glad i’m back:)

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