Diwali and Eid came early this year

In Cricket, World cup, Writing on March 31, 2011 at 8:13 am

So against all odds, India made it to the final of the world cup. But it’s CELEBRATIONS all around, every nook and corner of India.

Records are still straight, India has managed to get over Pakistan , even in this edition of world cup. Out of 5 world cup encounters between the two Asian Lions, India has kept it straight 5 of 5.

However, prior to the match I was very skeptic about the outcome of the match. I had my own concerns. (Read my earlier Post) I knew Indian team will have to go past 300 to save their arse, simply because bowling department failed to deliver in this tournament. And given that Pakistan has quite good bowlers in their armory had made it worse.

I would admit that I was aghast when I saw Nehra and Munaf in bowling lineup instead of Ashwin and few others. My initial reaction was of the Lost soul, ready to nimble pieces of captain cool.

Nothing could have been worse than India stumbling again in the middle overs and No sachin to carry on the burden. The great Indian collapse had begun just like Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. As often captain cool stuck to singles without any heavy hitting and Raina kept his cool while the wickets tumbled on the other end. Finally we reached a score which seemed easy given our bowling attack.

But like India, its neighbour Pakistan is made of same steel and share same traits. In one word – UN-PREDICTABLE.

Nehra and Munaf did a splendid job controlling the Pakistani batsmen, who threw their wickets as if they were in a hurry to catch flight back to Islamabad. 5 bowlers scalping 2 wickets each. And the job was done. Nehra emerged out be the most economical of the lot with S.R. of 3.3, Still I feel the same about him. Should he be there in Final, I doubt.

Anyway, as soon as Zaheer got Misba ul haq caught, crackers buzzed off. Every nook and corner, every streets, people came out of their homes and congratulated others bursting crackers. Diwali & Eid at the same time. However they both came early this year.

Sachin was awarded “Man of the Match” for his knock of 85. Thanks Afridi for not letting the God complete his century, even he wanted this. Century can definitely wait for few matches [ I don’t mean to be rude. But yes, I’m bit superstitious here.]

April 2nd waits for another edition of Ramayana. India play against Sri Lanka at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Wankhede Stadium

till then


Have a nice day ahead!

  1. It was an exciting match. I wish I’d been there to see all the celebrations and fire crackers. Good to see members of the Gandhi family in the crowd too. Anyway, Pakistan seemed to lack any tactics. What happened to the 2nd Batting PP ? Doh ! Wake up !! It was their only chance to really pressure India as they chased the score. But, anyway, great match. Sri Lanka will be a cracking final.

  2. cries :(((

    afridi manhoos!! kis ne kaha tha sachin ka catch pakre!!!! it was just a matter of 15 more runs 😦 he was already dropped four times..ek bar aur sahi 😦 noo..”i wont allow sachin to make his 100th ton”!! damn u idiot 😛

    my religion doesnt allow me to be superstitious but abt sachin i AM!

    and alan, pakistan doesnt believe in the batting PP. period.

    • Okie I want to make this clear to lots of people who didn’t understand this game. And for those who are kind of framed by the fact that pakistan can’t win without getting into dirty gaming. It was by far the cleanest game pakistan ever played. Sahid Afridi and Co took it in right spirits. Whatever allegations people may make on this game, they must re consider thought process. What Sahid Afridi did, probably no Pakistani captain had ever done. He has lifted the game of cricket over the politics imbibed in the Pakistani team. lets respect that.
      [PS:I was pretty much agonised by the fact that most of the querries of Match fixing were routing to my blog, it must have to be made clear]

      • Given the recent bannings I don’t think there’ll be any match fixing for a while.

      • dont worry abt it….we pakistanis dont think this way abt this particular game at all. my latest post is about how grateful we r to afridi…all of us pakistanis. he did sth no political leader has ever managed to do…unite us. not just the cricket team the whole nation – sth we will be forever grateful to him for.


        and i was also VERY pleasantly surprised to see that this was a very gentlemanly game, nothing like indo-pak games in the past. there was no galam galoch, no disrespect, no nothing….nothing from the crowds either. it was a lovely sight.

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