Things, You do not find on Google

In diary, rants on April 6, 2011 at 8:22 pm

The moment that shall define history has come and passed by. Now the joy of winning the much awaited Cup is fading. People are getting used to their daily chores.

India Wins cup

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Not unlike millions, the D-day wasn’t anything special for me either. Slogging to keep pace with the financial year ending was the tough part. In that pain and agony, the news for the winning the cup was a flickering joy. But that too seems far gone. I am still working it out. But I must make a special mention of the “White Knight”. He is a colleague and works in different office, but he came to our rescue.

tired man

And yes,  I could not find one thing on GOOGLE. I was searching for detail explanation of a package/ application used in some banks. They call it ASCROM. And another was CAD. For the first one I indeed tried different permutation and combinations but eventually I was at loss. And for the second, I didn’t get what I was searching for. Most of the time the search pointed to “Current Account Deficit” which I was not searching for. Would Google Inc. mind searching for this?

Besides all this, Tata photon broadband service has been PIA for quite sometime. I had lodged the complaint precisely on 22nd of March and till now I have received assurances and No concrete solutions. I have mentioned in my earlier post about how pathetic their customer care services are. In march end I did receive a mail from their BILL Department stating my bill for that month. I replied back trying to buzz their customer care, writing about ethics and services in TATA’s companies. But alas !  I did only get assurances again. Ordeal continues

My “365 day challenge” has taken a toll due to the unavailability of the broadband services. I shall sue them for the loss of readers on Krazy Memoirs. 🙂

Okie enough of ranting today…

Have a nice time! c ya then.

PS: I believe in God (at least for today). Helps do come from every corner 🙂


My sincere Thanks to…

My colleagues (both in my office and other office)

Mysterious Madam (She is awesome) at R.O.

My boss, and

My Family (who bear with me for my absence from home)

Thank you all

  1. Rajiv..I guess you should consider changing your broadband service provider. I’m with Airtel for over 18 months now, they are simply amazing on resolving issues, I guess I had 2-3 issues and all were sorted out in less than 12 hours of registering the complaint.

    • I know Narendra, Airtel’s service is good in chennai but not good in kerala…and i have a back up of bsnl 3g to support. 🙂 So i am just doing “wait n watch”

  2. thats outrageous! Sending you a bill when you havent had access to services for how long? Ten days? Take up narens suggestion. Much less tension.

    • hey Sufia…
      have written a mail strongly condemning their services…. n i’m not going to pay unless they settle this issue

  3. Hang in there, Rajiv. I can feel your pain in this post.

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