Theory of Randomness

In Crazy on April 19, 2011 at 10:31 pm

Theory of randomness

Sounds cool!

Just an exercise of a kind. I have to get past this “What to write?” feeling. hence follow this stupid exercise. I don’t care about the spelling mistakes, which I see happening here. So this idea pops up to mind. Has the Ms Word or application like this have taken a toll on people’s english skills. In my case I feel it has. sometime I feel like messing up with spellings, when few years ago I was so damn sure about my spellings.

So I shall just take few minutes of my time, to be precise 2 minutes. Let me write it in a flow. Just let me see what comes up here on the screen.

Mind is definitely messing up with all that is coming up to me. Need to get pass this blockade. Life is fair with everybody who thinks it’s. There is a saying “no body dies virgin, Life fuck every body”. Is this true. Ask thy self. So much of opportunity comes up knocking at the door, but one is so busy with life that one does not pay heed to them. But opportunity doesn’t go waste. It’s that some body else grabs it up. Do we need to be vigilant to every one of that opportunity or are we capable of identifying the one. Now that’s rude to the point of getting kicked and misunderstood…. Aye? If one is Not, he misses it and shall miss it badly.

Times up!

PS: I shall tag whatever WP is suggesting.

and yeah I did run the proofread writing thing on the kitchen sink up here.

I think I might write further on this topic. …   😛


Image via telegraph.co.uk

  1. You changed your theme and I love it. Have a great day.

  2. So, what did WP tag? I’m curious.

    • Oh, I thought you were talking about some kind of spell check but I guess you meant what WordPress would tag it?

      Anyway, people can do spell check all day and the word can be spelled correctly…but not be the RIGHT word to fit what you are trying to say. For example right and write are both spelled correctly but spell check won’t catch that they mean two completely different things…(-:

      • That’s right Sherry. But one should be intelligent enough to find out if the word ‘write’ fits in ‘right’ at some place .
        Thanks for coming by.

  3. Jack Kerouac’s book “On the Road” was written as one long stream of consciousness on one huge piece of paper roll (you are too young to remember such things as typewriters 🙂 ). Sit down at Word, Rajiv, for longer, and see what comes out. A good experiment. Maybe you’ll get into some sort of zone. I might even try myself.

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