Dam maro dam

In Art, Movie review on April 24, 2011 at 1:09 am

So finally, it was the day for a hindi masala bollywood flick. Having no other choice we decided to take a chance on two and a half starred (By TOI) movie “Dam Maro Dam“. Having read few reviews and ratings we decided to take chill pill and just enjoy the Masala Dosa from Ramesh Sippy productions.

Having created an image for Big B as Angry young man years before, It was the time for thr Jr B. Jr B plays the role of rough and tough but corrupt Police (Later changed). Praetik’s work is interesting and his image pretty much goes along with Goans. Bips is nothing more than a glam doll with those ready to kill cat eyes.

Despite all reviews and ratings, I saw a packed theater at night show. But to my horror, they have ruined the classic song ” dam maaro dam“. Aby baby as usual had some overacting/over reacting whatever you call. Pratiek was cool and locations, few scenes which I remeber are definitely from Goa. Songs are good except that rap song. Plot is nice and some suspense adds to the pace. You might feel like getting dragged most of the time, till when writer realised that he is to write a story in flow.

My verdict : can watch it for once, not as bad as they have reviewed.

  1. means…give it a miss?

  2. Nice crisp review dude.. will surely watch it..

  3. good one!….was quite sceptic of the movie…thanks for clearing the air 😉

    • any time ted, You know Some of the locations I could identify, for eg, that casino ship while you go from miramar circle towards Panjim, It’s always there. 🙂 I think one or two was either from sunburn or Cloud 9 in bagha

  4. Why do they go about remixing old classics… hate the new version.. and why do ppl sign up Junior B again n again

  5. Thanks Venkat , have made the changes 🙂

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