Dam maro dam – Reprise

In Movie review, scribblings, Video on April 26, 2011 at 9:14 pm

I guess the reaction of movie goers for Dam maro dam might not be optimistic but the music is super cool (obviously with some exceptions).  Few songs which I liked and still keep on humming are :-

For lyrics click here

I just love Mohit Chauhan’s voice. This is the Te Amo (Reprise) sung by him. Lyrics are here

Ps: The dum maro dum recreated song is just too BAD to Mention.

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  1. hhahahahaa are u serious the title track is bad 🙂
    I agree the song isn’t gud..but vid is definitely worth a mention, maybe more than that 😀 *whistles*

    • Dude If you referring to ‘the’ dance by badminton gal… then i must say id din’t like it.. really. 🙂

      • the title track WAS badly done…how could u like it! it was in such bad taste. there is “enjoyable” cheap, and there is just plain “painful” cheap. the title track was painful…even the dance. EPIC EPIC fail.

        but tks for the other songs rajiv 🙂 beautiful 🙂

      • hhahahahaa..I liked the video..gaana pasand nahi aaya..the remix is way to quirky n noisy..

  2. I like the Mohit Chauhan stuff. Nice one.

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