Ancient Astronauts

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Recently I saw a documentary called Ancient Aliens.

It left me dumbstruck for few moments , cause the explanations (though hypothetical) given in favor of the theory sounds good and logical. The video here is the first episode of the five series. And I am sure it brings forth another aspect of entire history before us.

The documentary is based on Erick Von Daniken’s  book “Chariots of the God? “. It brings forth a theory that in ancient times, aliens used to visit earth and they had been in touch with earthlings. His interpretations of some of the epics like Old Testament, The Mahabharata, The Ramayana , Book of Epoch  and several others shed light on his theory. The descriptions like the arrival of so-called god on some Vehicular like thing added with sound effects and smoke gives an indication of a rocket. Also the god depicted in several paintings around the world show similar structure. Their depiction of god with some halo adorn with horns looks familiar if we compare them with present day astronauts wearing helmet and antennae.

Also some amazing facts like drawings in ancient city of Nazca, ancient maps showing exact boundaries of Antarctica and several others are definitely calling for better explanations from archeologists.

Image via Google

Amazingly I searched for the book and luckily I got an e-Copy. Some links which I found useful:

Ancient Aliens from Wiki

Ancient Astronauts from Wiki

  1. Wow!!! sounds amazing..so thrilled to check this out..

  2. Check out Other videos as well Narendra, It’s quite interesting ! 🙂

  3. This was a big deal when it was first published. Enjoy your journey !!

    • I just stumbled upon this video and It took me entire sunday to go through all the five episodes plus half of the book itself. Interesting enough to shake your belief.
      I would share one biblical story I heard from one of my close (Christian) friend. It said, once god was very angry upon few groups of people for they were corrupt and immoral. All but one family in that group was corrupt. God asked him to leave with his family and hide in mountains coz god wanted to punish rest of the people. He initially refused to part with his home and belongings but on several insistence of god He left along with his family. God strictly asked him not to turn and look back. Thereafter as the story says, hell broke loose from sky and the entire area was destroyed. Unfortunately the man’s wife turned back to look and she died on the spot.
      I read the same story in this book and the interpretation is that ” Why God was in such a hurry and why was he time bound (if he was god?) and what happened to that city? was it kind of nuclear bombing as it seems from the story?
      Lots of questions like these, do arise?

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