Osama bin Laden is DEAD

In News on May 2, 2011 at 9:18 am

Obama Administration sighs relief, as the US president is shortly going to announce the death of Osama Bin Laden short while from now.

He is reported to be dead in an operation as claimed by Us officials and reported by scores of media world-wide. This comes after 10 years when Laden went into hiding in 2001. And two government changed all this while in US. Also it might arise questions on credibility of Pakistani government who all this while have claimed that Laden is not in Pakistan.

Osama bin laden dead

Image source Al jajeera

News Sources:

Al jajeera

BBC and

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  1. Big moment.. This had to happen..bahut bhaag liya..deserved to be killed..
    In fact Indian intelligence had been reporting since 2008 that Osama was in Pakistan..so it’s no surprise…however, great job by CIA for nailing him, that’s what matters EoD…

  2. Maybe the Yanks will stop referring to him as “UBL” now….dimwits.

  3. What happens next is vital. The US can take this as an “America Saved the World” moment (see movies ad nauseum) or Western powers can start to build bridges with nations that have been subjugated to poverty as a result of years of oppressive foreign policy and REALLY change hearts and minds. Let’s hope for the latter. (Sorry to get heavy.)

  4. how efing convenient, obama is losing popularity, elections rolling around next year…..hallelujah osama is dead!

    if this news is true, i hope ass-ama rots in the deepest corners of hell forever more. it was thanks to HIM and his antics ppl in pakistan, afghanistan and iraq die every single day for no fault of their own. millions of muslim men, women and children killed in this so-called war on terror along with persecution and humiliation of muslims all across the world – for what? only 3k ppl dead in some tower? that too were 3k innocent ppl who had not harmed anyone in any way. i hope God exacts punishment of the worse sort on osama – for bringing about hell on earth for everyone, muslimes and non-muslims alike.

  5. in response to the pingback:

    theres no proof that osama was hiding behind his burka as he died. what is cowardly is he was unarmed. what can be more cowardly than killing an unarmed man???

    and frankly, im being to doubt the osama story. i think hes been dead for years. a man so used to making a public appearance and releasing statements, has been quiet for quite a couple of years. and u know whats “wierd”? “burying him at sea in accordance with islamic rites”. un-frikking-believable. osama was killed at abbotabad, wayyy up in the north of the country. there is NO sea there. to bury him at sea, they would have to go to all the trouble of bringing his body down all the way to karachi in the south. why would they go to all that trouble? esp when muslims dont bury their dead in the sea anyway unless its unavoidable. they were afraid of a shrine being built? bull-shit. we muslims never build shrines, and we dont intend to start for a murderer. “in accordance with islamic rites”. laughable. since when have the bloody americans been concerned with the sanctity of islam that they will start now? and that too when it concerns osama bin laden. and esp given their crappy record against human rights and the muslim dead. and picking someones body and just throwing it in the sea, which is what they really did, hardly constitutes an islamic burial. and what i find really funny is…u spend TEN years, trillions of dollars and countless loss of life to hunt for a man. and when u do manage to kill him, u just pick his body up and throw it all the way in the arabian sea?? LOVELY.

    • I have no reason to doubt what you have said Sufia. Even I think this whole thing was just a cover up. There’s theory that he was already dead in 2001.

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