Uncle Sam faces the music

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For long, India had accused its neighbour of harbouring criminals in the India’s Most wanted List. And the neighbour has stubbornly  rubbish all claims setting aside all proofs that India has presented in favour of her case. None in the world order ever gave an iota of thought how it feels to be cheated. Uncle sam preferred to zip it for he had been ally to this neighbour.

Uncle Sam

Image by AJC1 via Flickr

Now time has turned on to Uncle Sam. The neighbour who has dodged Indian govt by telling a lie lied to Uncle sam , must be out of habit. That it has not harboured any of the criminals in uncle sam’s wanted list. But few days ago a covert operation has claimed to get the guy in the backyard of neighbour, who all this time had claimed to have no knowledge of him. So Uncle Sam is facing the same music what Indian govt has been facing all this while. So what does uncle sam do?

“Pakistan has a lot of explaining to do. It seems unimaginable that* Osama bin Laden was living 1,000 yards away from a military base in a million dollar mansion built especially for him and no one in the Pakistani government knew about it. I don’t buy it,” Texas Congressman Ted Poe, who is introducing the legislation.

* So was Daud Ibrahim, I guess. He even had his daughter’s wedding there in Pakistan and the govt agencies have no idea if he was there all this time . Even now they don’t accept that he lives there. What a joke?

What does India do to this? – Nothing. Just getting angry and asking Uncle sam  and others to help catch him.

What does Uncle sam do in this case? 

Anger is running deep in Washington at what is being seen as Pakistan’s perfidy of milking US aid while nurturing terrorists. On Wednesday, one lawmaker announced that he is introducing legislation that will prohibit any foreign aid from being sent to Pakistan “until it can demonstrate that it had no knowledge of Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts.”

(Why can’t Indiangov do something like this?)

“Congress has already appropriated $3 billion to Pakistan for this year. Unless the state department can certify to Congress that Pakistan was not harboring America’s number one enemy, Pakistan should not receive one more cent of American aid,” Poe said in statement whose sentiment is being echoed by many lawmakers

What amazes me is the report of a canadian paper which says …

Canada’s Globe and Mail reported on Wednesday that the Abbottabad compound where bin Laden was cornered by US forces was being used by the Hizbul Mujaheddin, a terrorist group sponsored by Pakistan that operates in Kashmir.

Source: TOI You would want to READ this.

PS: No intention of hurting any one. Just drawing an analogy of how Indian govt and US govt behave differently to same awkward situation.

  1. uncle sam should answer first for creating the goddam terrorism problem in the first place. we are “harbouring” them in paki b/c they were thrown here by the us themselves. do u know the US is still funding the terrorism in afghanistan and here?


    • This is a good summary…and covers off the last 50 years just about right. To my mind it is vital that ordinary people now don’t get sucked into US hype. The world is now different in that the web gives us access to other sources of information and the sharing of ideas – positive ones (and I know the “powers” manipulate that too….but the kids can be smarter now). It’s more of global village than it ever was. You guys are now my neighbours (I could knock on your door this evening.) It will take time. But as individuals we have to say in our own world “I will not accept this.” (See the case about the school books in the article. We have to be braver today today to say that this is not acceptable.) On a global scale 99% of people want to live in peace and freedom to live and think as they please happily with their neighbour without interference from criminals regardless of their colour and weaponry. Whilst I type this I recall how more than a million people marched against the Iraq war in the UK and still Tony Blair went ahead. However, nowadays he is almost persona non-grata in the UK now – which is a strange place for an ex-Prime Minister to be. He is almost universally loathed. Ordinary people can have an influence in numbers. The revolution will be televised. (Sorry, rambling response. )

  2. now theyre making up the drama of killing osama cuz like i told naren, it doesnt suit their interests to stay here anymore. they dont need pakistan in their war anymore, so theyre dumping us like they dumped afghanistan 20 yrs ago – which started the shit the whole world is facing now. its not going to solve the terrorist problem, it will make it worse. yes uncle sam has a lot to answer for.

  3. India neither has the kind of diplomatic relations nor the leverage like USA to conduct such operations in Pakistan..anything rash will spark a war..which is something India would never want at this phase of growth and optimism..

    Best option for India is to either coax America to pursue those wanted terrorists or get into baatcheet with Pakistan.

  4. It always takes a few days for some of the facts to surface. The compound surely wasn’t $1m – the photos show us that – it’s just a nutty rightwing Congressman stoking it up. I also think that it can be possible, whilst acknowledging that ALL countries, including the US, have an element of corruption within them,that Bin Laden could hide there. He may have been an odious man but we have to acknowledge also that some of these people are very clever criminals. I don’t believe either that the US will dump Pakistan as an ally or even pull out of Afghan. There is a much broader impact to be felt by everyone who lives there if they did that. I agree with Sufia that the actions of the US and the West, including especially Britain, THROUGHOUT the 20th century, went a long way to creating the world of division that we have today. In Britain there is, amongst some people, what the pundits call “Empire Shame”. The Brits played their part in f&%$ing it up but the following generations don’t have to follow the line like sheep. The US should now rebuild relationships with Pak acknowledging that they invaded Pak space to kill someone. (If this was to create an international precedent – where would it stop !! War ?) They are not the World’s Police Force. They must change foreign policy to assist countries to develop themselves not repress them (pick an African country). (The longest embargo on any country in the World is the US embargo against Cuba. 50 years. It has no relevance today and shows just what a blind spot they can have.) The US is an imperialist nation…………I just wish the world could sort out it’s problems without them. ( China and India riding to the rescue ? ) It’s emotive….try to keep a cool head.

  5. Totally agree with you Al, 99.99% of the ppl want to live in peace. And this demon, al-quida, is nothing but the creation of Uncle sam. and Uncle Sam is at least partly responsible for the terrorism that has followed over the years.
    Uncle Sam just forget the lines – ” I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost is more than I can bear.”
    @ Sufia Wonderful article and I believe true to the last word. Uncle sam is tasting its own medicine.
    To some extent Pakistani agencies are to blame for the reason of their stupidity. They also even didn’t think how could the ghost would return to haunt them. perhaps it was all in a fit of rage.
    @Narendra : India, if it wants, It can do whatever it wants. But it’s not absent minded as Uncle sam.

    • Read the article….I do find it depressing when you get these generals waving their swords/guns in the air just stoking up public feeling at any excuse. Why oh why can’t we all just get on !

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