Friday the 13th

In Crazy on May 12, 2011 at 11:36 pm

What’s all this fuss about Friday the 13th? Considered to be unlucky for several theories exist just to create what you call “friggatriskaidekaphobia“.

Friday the 13th

Some consider it unlucky for reasons of numerology some coz, Jesus was crucified on Friday (off course it might and might not be Friday the 13th AD?). At several occasions in history Share Market crashes have been attributed to devilish nature of Friday the 13th. Even the failure of Apollo 13 was believed to be because of the presence of number 13. Coincidentally, Friday the 13th has been a witness to many an unlucky event. Hurricane Charley had struck South Florida on August 13, 2004; Friday the 13th Storm had struck New York in October 13, 2006; Andes Plane crash had occurred on October 13, 1972. Closer home, the Upahaar Cinema fire had occurred in June 13, 1997. All these days were Fridays. Here goes some more of the black Fridays.

Is that something which has been carried on for generations as an evil? Something like, we wait or turn around when a cat criss crosses our paths. Are we being superstitious? Did I hear a No! So why this fuss about Friday the 13th? Anyway friday the 13th comes thrice a year. Any months 13 shall be on friday of the month starts from sunday.

The print media and internet is buzzing with Friday the 13th, scaring people all around. It scared the shit out of me. So I preponed writing about Friday the 13th on Thursday itself. Why wait for something unlucky to happen tomorrow.

C ya all on Saturday. Hope to hear some LUCKY news from your side.

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  1. supposed to derive from the last supper…where the 13th man was judas.

    seriously, do U believe in superstitions?

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