Top 5 Books

In Books on July 25, 2011 at 10:45 pm

Anything related to books grabs my attention, this was no exception. So for Today’s Topic, Here’s my List of 5 Important Books:

  1. Atlas Shrugged
  2. Old man and the sea
  3. The Alchemist
  4. Discovery of India
Atlas Shrugged was my first good read, it was suggested to me and many of my colleagues by our revered Teacher and guide. And it opened an entire new way of thinking to me.
Old man & the Sea, One of my all time favourite books. This book has taught me a lot. This is when ” Journey becomes paramount and the Zeal to meet the goal, Whatever be the result.”
Discovery of India, getting acquainted with one’s past is important. History teaches us lessons from the past. I am trying to do the same.
PS:  You must be wondering. Where is the fifth one… guess for that I have to wait.

Share with us What books has helped you to shape ‘YOU’

 C Ya…
  1. Ok, …
    1. “The Power of Positive Thinking” Norma Vincent Peale; I read this book in my 20’s. Some people may find it a little too overtly Christian ( I think I did in parts) but it is demonstrative about the benefits of removing negative thoughts from your lifestyle.
    2. Any book on yoga (I’ve read several – need to practice it more).
    3. “Six Days” – Jeremy Bowen; a superb narrative of the 6 days war in the Middle East in 1967. Puts everything into historical context.
    4. “Gig” – Roger McGough; a book of poetry that inspired me to write.
    5. “One hundred years of solitude” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez; showed me that novels can be poetic and vibrant. Often more happens on one page than in entire chapters of lesser writers.
    I’ve also read lots of books on political history around the World eg, partition, poverty in S.America, Che Guevara’s diaries, and they all shape the way I think.

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