Sunday Funday – A day from past

In Art on November 14, 2011 at 1:09 am

There has always been special feeling about Saturday.. since long time. the joy of half  day school. half day offices followed by full day off is enough to celebrate special Saturdays – yeah that’s what i call Saturdays…and Funday Sunday

0700 Hrs: It’s Sunday, i wake up with sound of rangoli  (Door Darshan national Channel Age old Prime Show). believe me, It’s still a craze for people of Pre-Mtv generation. When the first song is barely half done, I get fresh and occupy the front VIP seats. My brother and I would always fight for that enviable seat on Sunday. Otherwise on workdays, we would never have chance to come even near to that. Papa would be gracing the seat. Anyway today it was mine.  Mom would serve us the morning breakfast right in front of television and move aside. She knows its sunday today 🙂 .

0800 hrs: One hour of pure bliss follows  rigorous session on English grammar and Mathematics. Sad ! I still mix up Tense. I was fine with mathematics, rather maths was fine with me.. it never troubled me more than half hour forty-five minutes.

0930 Hrs: We are back on TV for either Mahabharata  or Ramayana or  Chnadrakanta  or  Chankaya  or Discovery of India. All the names mentioned are from different times but each one was definitely preceded by Rangoli . 

11:00 Time to move from Krruur singh’s “YAKKaa…”  to Uncle mekduck;s quack-quack. Time for Cartoon network.

Break for about 4-5 hours.. in fact rest time for TV.

1700 hrs: It starts again for  the much awaited weekly events… Movie. (how badly we sed to wait for the day, oh man !)

2000 hrs : time for special sunday dinner followed by stroll in garden under moonlight and bed afterwards…

And a peaceful good night sleep after an eventful day on Door Darshan …..

(Time : 1980s-90s)

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