Baby B – The 9th Bachchan

In Blog, Humor on November 17, 2011 at 9:11 am

It seems yesterday only, when Aish & Abhi got married and they have a child now. 4 years just flew by soooo fast. Aish & Abhi married in April 08 (so I guess) and yesterday Junior B has welcomed another Junior Baby Girl to Jalsa. The Unnamed is the 9th bachchan in the family as Big B claims. Partly it’s true coz “bachchan” was the title of Mr. harivansh rai ‘bachchan’ for the writings. His actual surname was “Srivastav”.

Congratulations to Amit ji, Jaya ji , Aishwarya , Abhisek & all family members .

Baby B  has become trending topic on twitter now !

Follows some twitter comments:

They should name the baby, Phoenix. Since, she’s rising from the Ash. @hankypanty

It’s incomplete without having heard from horses mouth, so here it is… BIG B BLOG


  1. tell us sth, how crazy is the public in india about film stars?

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