Hope of one billion !

In Business, Cricket on November 26, 2011 at 12:26 am

Whenever the little master comes to bat in a test match, every pair of keen eyes watches Sachin play. The way this match is progressing, it was quite obvious that this match will be remembered in history. However the little master have thought to wait before the historic innings. Sachin got out at 94 in the 1st inning against west indies.The newspapers and media is full of news of bollywood mourning and sachin’s fall in nervous nineties.

Soon the biggest news of Cyrus Mistry being appointed as Dy chairman of Tata group is history.  When Ratan Tata retires in dec 2012, Cyrus shall be at the helm of affairs. At this juncture when the world & Indian economy is at cross roads it would be quite a task for Tata chief.

Both Mr. Cyrus & Sachin are hope of one billion people of India.

Wish you Both good luck ahead !

ET about Cyrus

Sachin tendulkar , Cyrus mistry and rata tata

the little masters

  1. Tks for joining my Blog ‘innovation at banking’.

    You seem to be a generalist rather than a specialist.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for Sachin.

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