In Thoughts on March 2, 2012 at 11:55 pm

It is increasingly becoming difficult to write a few words, these days; call me a busy bee (not really) or may be I’m procrastinating.
For few minutes that I have got today is to share few words that keep coming incessantly in my mind. May be i’m not alone in this debacle, thousands others might share the same thought. This post might be difficult to perceive, as I don’t know what i’m writing. hence the increased use of word ‘might’ , ‘difficulty’ etc.
How many of you believe in Work and family life balance. Is it only possible in IT industry where either people are comfortable working 9 to 5 or ‘work from home’. What if you are working in Non IT companies, say for hospital or some manufacturing unit or financial services. The higher ups might sound loud and clear when they favour work and family life balance but they are definitely not aware of what is happening at the ground level.
Recently Indian economy saw one of the most severe Strike participated by all major employee and trade unions in the country demanding few (un/)reasonable points. Result: loss of 10,000 crore in one day.
Was it reasonable? I’m not getting into the nitty gritty of the strike, its demand and the result. but the point is ” Do the people at top echelons are aware of what’s happening with the people who are working their lives out for the company.”

let me come to second point, i read recently in newspaper. it was about politics in workplace. now this is very sensitive topic as i perceive, which many people might have noticed. the newspaper had mixed points about if the politics in work place is positive/negative. Some say it might be useful tool to maximize the untapped potential but on the contrary it might lead to moral hazard and disharmony and an atmosphere of mistrust. ….

Seems i have to move….
c ya

P.S. : Let me have your opinion on the above.


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