Development and misery

In Writing on July 23, 2012 at 12:55 am

Well, we had a strike in the city n yesterday, Saturday. The local people are supposedly against a Airport coming in the vicinity. Infrastructure development is one of the first and foremost in the agenda of the gov all over, But without winning the hearts of people this sounds off limit However big the plans may be, once the genuine demands of the locale aren’t satisfied no development can take roots anywhere. Same is the case with Nuclear power plant coming in TN and many more Dams coming in place as per the Govt ongoing five year plans. In each and every case the demands of the locales are supposedly not met. Result, the underdeveloped region, increasing unemployment  and many more civil disease. What happened in West Bengal Singur, TATA Nano case, is somewhat brings to light the pros and cons of the case in point here. Mamta uprooted the 3 decades long stronghold of Communist govt up there on the pretext of singur land, which is still in contention 

The promises are meant to be taken care of. Untill the promises made to locales aren’t met, the local people will continue protesting every single development which  might effect their livelihood. 

  1. I guess that also affects the every day lifestyle of the locals.

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