Crusaders turn Politicians

In Writing on August 6, 2012 at 12:00 am

To begin with…
Corruption is ever pervasive like the so called ether as was supposedly in earlier days. It prevails in any and every walks of life.. On a regular basis one or the another scams are being unearthed.
In this difficult times Anna Hazare was like a beacon for 120 crore Indians. The public support for the movement of Anna and his team for the janlokpal bill found deaf govt ears not one not two but thrice. The rest is history.

let me come to the present announcement of Team Anna, to float a political party to bring right candidates to the parliament. Much has been talked over this by various sections of media incessantly. I need not bring this topic again. Even the senior leader of Bhartiya Janta party (BJP), a national party, Mr L K Advani ji wrote in his blog that Congress and BJP are gone a fair badly in 2014 elections. May be it could be fallout of announcement of Anna team or could be the ever growing numbers of the scams being done by UPA-2.
Anyway the mood of people shall be reveled only after 2014 lok sabha elections. But as an AAM AADMI, I have my own doubts about the the very future of the party being floated by Team anna. Lets call it Team Anna Party (TAP). Anna Hazare movement against corruption saw a huge section of Indians coming out of their homes and joining hands with Anna. As Arnab said, Long camera shots are deceptive, so If you go by the numbers, the movement could be said to be great hit among the masses, mostly on all the occasions.
But the crowds could not be the same when a POLITICIAN Kejriwal comes to stage to address a political rally.
What many people, I have been talking to, feel that TAP is good as an alternative but it was very premature to call it now. the movement though popular was still centered to urban populace with little or almost nil involvement of rural masses. A country where 60-70% of the voters still come from rural India. it is a risky proposition.
So TAP as a Political party still stands in doubt. The ultimate Question for Team Anna party is “To be or not to be”.

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