65th Independence day

In Writing on August 15, 2012 at 10:46 pm

India celebrates 65th year of her Independence from the british empire. Yesterday in its first ever presidential address to the nation, Pranab da said, it was foolish to believe that India was a poor country. For no persons would travel 1000 miles of journey to come to a poor country. He went on saying that the India’s percentage of manufacturing in the world’s market was in pre 1757 was around 25% which came down to dismal 1% while that of british emire increased from 1 to 18%.
Well India, post independence is becoming a force to reckon with. Having faced two major economic slowdown which even US and Europe could not digest, India is consistently doing a uphill task of maintaining the growth rate of 5 and above. With manufacturing IT and service sectors doing good, it shall not be a herculean task to maintain the tempo in the coming years.
Wish You all a very happy Independence day…
|| save water save electricity save environment ||

  1. …………. and India is rich in cultural wealth…………. Happy Independence Day, Rajiv……….

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