Jaago Maa Jaago…

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May this festive season fill your hearts with joy !

Happy Mahalaya to you and your family, May Goddess Durga Bless you !

   Navaratri 9 divine nights

Happy Mahalaya

One of most important festive season which we all look forward to is round the corner. Tommorrow is going to be the first day of 9 day long Durga Puja.  Today is the day for Mahalaya. The day for the invocation of Goddess Durga. Mahalaya marks the beginning of the festive season.

Being children, this day meant a lot for us. Listening to the program on All India Radio (AIR) in the early morning (4’oo clock) was special delight.  That sure means holidays are to start.

Listen to this video.. feel it  MAHALAYA – MAHISASURAMARDINI (PART 1)  it will bring peace unto you.

I found another article on the Mahalaya which gives light on AIR its presentation of Mahalaya and how a voice became synonymous with it.

Goddess Durga is worshiped in all its 9 divine forms , the nine divine avatars in which she cleanses the earth from the evil and evildoers   Goddess Durga is a representation of Women power. Lord Shiva is considered to be represent the male form and the goddess Parvati , the female form. Together they complete the Power. if you happen to search for unique picture of  “ardhnarishwar” you would understand the ultimate power for the Lord Shiva is goddess Durga or Parvati.  This festival is to worship the all in One form of that Power, that Shakti,  Mahisasurmardani

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